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10 Dangerous Headaches You Should Never Ignore

We all get headaches from time to time. Typically they’re self-induced through stress, diet or lack of movement and sometimes they signal that something else is can be occurring within our bodies. Though most headaches aren’t serious and can flee on their own, it’s necessary to recognize once headache pain may be a signal of a larger issue. It’s necessary to understand that not all headaches are created equal. Paying attention to our bodies and understanding our headaches, including their triggers, can help us to treat them more efficiently.


There are varied kinds of headaches. Doctors have provided a simple means that of sorting out the reality of the type, severity, and duration of your headache. Therefore, you’ll tell whether it’s only a migraine or a most likely tumor

  1. Cluster Headache

Cluster Headache

If you have a headache is only limited to the area around one eye, it is called a cluster headache. It begins with severe pain behind the eye and usually begins shortly after sleep. It is often accompanied by nausea or vomiting and comes as a result of a brain aneurysm. They are called cluster headache because they come in clusters daily, over several weeks.

A cluster headache is triggered by alcohol and is also more common in smokers. They are associated with ipsilateral watering of the eye, conjunctival redness, rhinorrhea, nasal blockage and ptosis

  1. Meningitis Headache

Meningitis Headache

A Severe headache that is associated with a stiff neck, high fever, nausea and vomiting warn of meningitis. Meningitis is the irritation of the meanines, which are the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. Additional symptoms of meningitis are confusion, seizures, sleepiness, sensitivity to light, loss of appetite, and in cases, a skin rash. This is a medical emergency that requires fast medical attention.

  1. Thunderclap Headache

Thunderclap headache

Thunderclap headaches are named for their sudden, volatile pain. These stark headaches peak within 60 seconds, but the pain can remain for more than a week. It’s important to pay attention to the warning sign of a thunderclap headache because it frequently a sign of more severe illness. It could be a sign of bleeding in the brain. It is extremely important to seek medical help immediately when experiencing one.

Thunderclap headache symptoms include pain that:

  • Strikes severely without warning
  • Starts to diminish after 60 seconds
  • Is constant, lasting anywhere from an hour and ten days
  • Involves the neck, lower back or head
  • Can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting or loss of consciousness
  1. Headache After A Violent Blow

Headache After A Violent Blow

It’s hard to avoid headaches in many contact sports including hockey, boxing, football, and rugby. A headache with symptoms like dizziness and mental confusion could be as a result of a concussion. The pain and symptoms are varied, so it’s important to seek a proper diagnosis if you are experiencing frequent headaches after exercise or playing a sport.

  1. Headache That Are Wore In The Morning

A headache that is worse in the morning improves after the person vomits, gradually improves as the day progresses and worsens with coughing, exercise, bending or kneeling is a common symptom of a brain tumor. This type of headache does not respond to usual headache remedies. Metastatic brain tumors are more often associated with the symptom of a headache. Other symptoms of a brain tumor often mimic other conditions. It is important to seek medical evaluation if you experience this type of headache or other symptoms that are unusual for you.

  1. Headache After 50 Years of Age

Headache After 50 Years of Age

These headaches can be very dangerous and could indicate atherosclerotic changes in the large arteries of the brain

  1. The Worst Headache of Your Life

Worst Headache of Your Life

Pain in the head or upper neck is one of the common locations of pain in the body and is recognized to many causes. The headache occurs while the person is lying still and is related to a stiff neck, sensitivity to light, vomiting, and confusion. If immediate medical attention is sought, the aneurysm can be detected and surgically repaired. If the symptom is ignored, the next bleed can be catastrophic.

  1. Headache With Blurring of Vision

Headache With Blurring of Vision

It is a sign of stroke, and it could also be escorted with overlapping of speech and mental confusion

  1. An Unusual Kind of Headache

If you have a history of cancer, and you’re suddenly suffering from an unusual kind of headache, it might be a sign of that the cancer is building up in the brain as a tumor.

  1. Headache Getting Worse After 24 Hours


A headache that gets worse over a 24 hour period, it could be a sign of brain stoke. So visit a doctor at your earliest

So, don’t disregard your headaches. Make sure that you are aware of the symptoms and take the essential treatment before it’s too late.

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10 Dangerous Headaches You Should Never Ignore
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