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Dangal actress Fatima Shaikh is in the big league

Fatima shaikh, is all grown up and shortly be seen in the Aamir Khan starrer Dangal.


Fatima Shaikh, who plays the character of warrior Geeta Phogat in the much anticipated movie Dangal, is not new to the camera. She played a key role in Chachi 420 and also functioned with Shah Rukh Khan in One 2 ka Four.

Remembering her know-how as a child artist, Fatima speaks, “Although I had started my career as a child artist, I stopped acting in mid as I felt that I was mislaid the fun of school days. Then a little later, I became strong on acting and initiated going for auditions.”

Fatima confesses that she is not interested in studying. “None of the subjects attracted me. I initiated auditioning, but at times would feel unhappy as I would get nominated, but certainly not get the final call. Merely when the commercials were out would I come to discern that I was not nominated,” she speaks.

Reminding her scuffle, Fatima speaks, “I have given numerous auditions and stood in rows for my turn. I was auditioned 5-6 times for Dangal. I was just coming up for the last call as there were around 15-16 girls who interviewed for the character.”

Fatima and her co-star had some nervous instants even as they were training for Dangal. “A journal mentioned some other terms being selected for the similar roles. Our concerns knew no restrictions as we could not disclose that we were designated for the roles. But we just certain to train ourselves to the finest of our capability,” she discloses.

So, were they in wonder of Aamir Khan when they first encountered him? “When we saw him go in the first time, he appeared like a cute teddy bear as he was already into the role. But when he lastly lost weight and seen like the Aamir Khan of Ghajini, Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots reputation.”

Fatima however, confesses, “Aamir Khan sir never frightens anybody. In its place, he makes us feel so happy that we try to come up to his level. He is so fervent about his profession after having completed so many movies; if we can match up to one percent of his desire, it will be good.”

Fatima declarations that she would like to make India proud like Geeta and Babita ensured. “I started doing things from my end — like maintain my surroundings clean and training my vote. I wish such humble starts,” she completes.


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