Thursday , February 21 2019

Cuba to get faster access to Google products under new deal

Cuba has got the faster access for all Google products like Gmail, Youtube etc.


Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Alphabet Inc, and the President of ETECSA, Mayra Averich Marin  had contracted a deal to deliver Cuba with quicker access to Google products and services like Gmail and YouTube.

The contract between the island nation and the tech giant Google comes as the newest development in Cuba’s inaugural to the outside sphere. The Caribbean country has only newly begun to warm up to countries like the U.S.

Google’s exertions to bring growth to Cuba also trail the death of Fidel Castro just a pair of weeks ago. The Marxist leader ruled the country for decades till his brother Raúl Castro expected knack back in 2008.

Cuba will have faster Google, YouTube, and Gmail

The recently signed deal anticipates the expansion of Google’s Global Cache network on Cuban terrain to offer faster access to the business’s email service, video platform, and search engine.

Below the agreement, ETECSA agrees and supervises the disposition of Google’s network to attain cache autonomy, rather than depending on on Venezuelan servers.

Google services, then, will agonize a melodramatic development in quality and drop of latency for the clients on the island. Gmail and YouTube will weigh up to ten times faster than it does at present.

Who will profit from the Cuba-Google deal? 

Rendering to the Council of the Americas, only 3.4% of all Cubans have entrance to the Internet. The Marxist country is well-known for its rough censorship laws which give the administration strict control over the admission to the World Wide Web.

Conversely, the nation adopted a more open Internet policy in 2014. But after that, only a quarter of the populace has been browsing the net, rendering to present estimates.

Those without access to the internet depend on guerrilla connections to worldwide networks in hotels and political institutions. Previous government officials with complete access to the internet also lent their equipment and services to normal citizens.

A black market of internet content occurs in the state relying on a few computers linked to the outside world continuously downloading content. Persons sell flash drives chockfull of news, music, pictures, and even porn.

Google’s internet initiatives in Cuba do not gift the people with more internet access, but then they are a first step to ensuring a linked future on the island.

The Trump administration could mean bad news for Cuba

President Obama has led an operation of faith with Cuba to build relationships with the Marxist island after 50 years of nervous relationships amid the two nations.

Yet, Cuba’s freshly prolonged access to the internet and imminent commercial agreements with the U.S. could agonize a setback through the tenure of Donald Trump.

The President-elect has promised to upturn all deals with Cuba if the Caribbean country fails to conform with political franchises to the United States, seemingly connected to its ties with other Marxist regimes.

Cuba, in the interim, has unfurnished three cruise ship firms from making frequent visits to the island, and it is predictable to sit at the table with General Electric for a new profitable deal.

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