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Hyderabad Crimes have come down with tech aid

Hyderabad police department is happy to announce that fewer crimes had occurred in 2016 when compared to past year.


Hyderabad: The technological progression and new procedures of crime fighting by Hyderabad police department appear to be yielding the substantial result with 2016 recording a striking drop in complete crime rate in Hyderabad.

The amount of serious offences like robbery and murders has left down by 31 percent when compared to past year. Property crimes also have plunged by 16 percent. Yet the complete rate of crime contrary to women reduced by 12 percent, more cases of rape was conveyed this year.

“Crime preventive initiatives like Initiation of Preventive Detention (PD) Act contrary to disreputable repeated criminals, rigorous visible policing, patrolling, normal cordon and search processes have produced good results this year,” said M. Mahender Reddy, the Commissioner of Police.

“Operative use of criminal tracking system and fitting of community CCTV ventures have also aided to dropping criminality,” said the commissioner quoting data for this year. Hyderabad police have detected as many 210 cases with the assistance of CCTV footages, he said.

The city police department had imprisoned as many as 283 offenders under the PD Act and had referred them to jail previous year. These people were tangled in property crimes and bodily crimes and had caused trouble for the common public.

The award-winning Hawk Eye app, CCTV footage improvement system and social media visibility of police and other factors helped police to recover the state on the ground.

The commissioner of police attracted that the police has also enhanced conviction rate in complete criminal cases in this year. “We got offenders involved in 99 main cases convicted this year. This accounts to 36 percent rise in the verdict rates as associated to last year’s number,” he said.

Speaking about the rape cases, the official said that majority of the offenders are known to the prey. “In 158 rape cases out of the 161, victims are known to sufferers. 81 cases are of rape out of wedding and love affairs. Seven are incest cases and rest is dedicated by relatives and other associates,” he said.

The police department chief said that due to an upsurge in traffic surveillance and implementation of drunken driving, accident rates have also come down. He said that they have got the majority of the drunken driving defendants sentenced in the case.


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