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Couple claims ‘son’ Dhanush produced fake birth certificate in court

Meenakshi and R Kathiresan have accused him of producing a fake birth document before the Madras High Court.

Dhanush was recently in the news for protesting against the ban on Jallikattu

Madurai: An aged pair, who have claimed that famous actor Dhanush is their son, have suspected him of producing a fake birth document before the Madras High Court bench here to get their case awaiting before a lower court at nearby Melur quashed.

In their counter confirmation before the Melur Judicial Magistrate on Wednesday, Meenakshi and R Kathiresan submitted that they could show their claim that Dhanush was their child, if the trial was conducted.

Dhanush, son-in-law of star Rajinikanth, had moved to the Madras High Court bench on January 25 this year, looking for quashing of the case filed by the pair.

He had also sought a visit on the proceedings incomplete in the Judicial Magistrate’s court.

The couple had appealed Dhanush was their third child and also sought care of Rs 65,000 per month from the artist as they could not fend for themselves.

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They had submitted that Dhanush was a youngster when he ran away to Chennai to get into the movie world. They are not able to trace him then and find him while watching his cinemas, they said. Their struggles to see him at Chennai had failed, they held.

Dhanush had previous denied their claim and accused the pair of trying to “blackmail” him.

He had also given a birth document which stated he was born on July 28, 1983 at the children’s hospital at Ignore here and that his parents were Vijayalakshmi and K Krishnamoorthy.

Though his name had not been revealed in the certificate, the artist said he was given the name R K Vengadesha Prabu.

A gazette notice give out to change his name as K Dhanush was also produced in the court of law. In their counter filed on Thursday, the pair given a certificate that Dhanush was born at Government Rajaji hospital here on November 7, 1985 and we named him as Kalaichelvan.

He studied in Madurai region till the 10th standard. He was admitted to a remote school at Tiruppatur in Sivaganga district, they whispered.

e then dropped out of school and went to Chennai to act in movies, the couple claimed.

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