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Congress emerging as a major force against TRS in Telangana

Former TDP leader Revanth Reddy’s change to the Congress party seems to be evolving as the only major opposition against the ruling TRS party.


While Telugu Desam Party (TDP) member of legislative assembly (MLA) and the working President A. Revanth Reddy resigned to enter the Congress party this week, it marked an extraordinary event.

This was the initial time since Telangana’s formation in the year 2014 that a legislator had swapped to a party other than the presiding Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), which had engrossed a big number of apostates from all opposition parties, including the Congress.

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With Revanth’s move, the grand old party appears to be emerging as the single major opposition force contrary to the ruling TRS. After losing 8 (from 21) of its MLAs to the TRS, it has not merely managed to gain one, but also proficient to entice district and state level leaders of the TDP, counting Dasari Anasuya aka Sithakka, a former MLA who had been selected to the TDP’s politburo a few days ago.

“The Congress party has come up as the main force contrary to the TRS. This might, yet, affect the equations amid the opposition parties, who had been fighting together on a normal platform. We might see some unwillingness from the TDP to support us,” stated a Congress leader from Hyderabad.

Around a dozen TDP leaders who have swapped loyalties laterally with Revanth may be presented posts in the party. “Revanth Reddy might be given the post of the chairman of the drive committee. It is a leeway, but nothing is fixed yet,” he said.

The newest defection makes the road onward harder for the TDP, 12 of MLAs swapped to the TRS more than a year ago.

Peddi Reddy, previous cabinet minister in the past Andhra Pradesh state and TDP spokesperson, yet, dismissed Reddy’s parting, saying the party has seen such events in the past as well.

“Revanth is not a special person; he is simply one of the 13 who had left out of our total 15 MLAs. Years ago, we gave him the position of working president to have certain effect. As a two-time MLA and prior minister with 35 years of experience, I told him that he would provide all those 12 TDP leaders who have merged the Congress party with him the similar designations that they had aid in their previous party. Or else, it will display that he is a selfish person,” Peddi Reddy stated.

Revanth Reddy, who is a suspect in the so-called ‘cash-for-vote’ scam, where he purportedly bribed designated MLA Elvis Stephenson to get his vote for the Telangana legislative council election (conducted in 2015), has been a verbal anti-TRS leader in the opposition.

Since Telangana’s foundation, three YSR Congress Party MLAs, 12 TDP MLAs, and one member of Parliament, 8 Congress MLAs and one MP and one Communist Party of India MLA have deserted to the ruling TRS.

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