Monday , April 22 2019

Concerns over IT layout proposal in AP

The IT layout proposal in AP is yet to start where the state government didn’t made any approvals.

The state government of Andhra Pradesh(AP) planned to develop an IT sector in Vishakhapatnam  to attract the IT companies and to set the benchmark of  Information Technology  in Andhara Pradesh.

IT layout concerns

More than one-and-half years the proposal has been set to develop an IT layout, but till now  there is no initiation of work is done. The IT layout has been planned to be develope on around 400 acres in a phase-wise manner at Kapaluppada in the port city of Vishakhapatnam.

The state government of Andhra Pradesh has to approve the proposal sent by the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) for providing basic facilities such as undertaking drainage work and laying of roads at the proposed IT layout.

One of the APIIC official said, that till now they have not received any  approval from the state government for taking up development work at the layout. They also finalised the tenderer for taking up the work and it is finalised three months ago and they are waiting for the approval from state  government .

According to sources, APIIC has submitted a proposal  that the overall cost for undertaking development work on the IT layout including provision of broadband connectivity infrastructure and other facilities such as water connection and power is Rs 30 crore in which Rs 12 crore is required for laying roads and undertaking drainage work on around 250 acres out of the total 400 acres as part of the first phase of development.

The department official said, the development of the layout was initially proposed to be taken up on a public private partnership model, but  due to the interest from private players, the government is looking at alternative models. They invited private players to take up the project under public private partnership model for overall development of the township twice. But, there were no approvals for the project yet.

The main purpose of these project is to attract small, medium and large enterprises to set up Information technology  foundation in  Vishakhapatnam.

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