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Commando 2 movie review: Relevant subject ruined by an illogical execution


Director: Deven Bhojani

Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Esha Gupta, Sumit Gulati, Freddy Daruwala, and Adil Hussain Shefali Shah.

Debutante Deven Bhojani Director made Commando 2 to highlight the nation’s most talked about the problem, Demonetization, but the movie has its own share of faults. In a violence-fuelled movie, Vidyut Jammwal has easily managed to pull off act sequences. He flawlessly slips into the shoes of his personality, Karan– a fearless commando of a special cell.

Vicky Chadha is secretly laundering black currency away from India. Adil Hussain appoints Karan (Vidyut Jammwal) to catch hold of him. (Shefali Shah),  Leela the central home minister, Bakhtawar appoints, a tough cop (Freddy Daruwala), Bhavna Reddy, (Adah Sharma) an encounter specialist and Zafar, (Sumit Gulati) a website hacker to join Karan in the work. (Esha Gupta) Maria plays the love interest of Vicky Chadha. Will these four capable to unravel who is Vicky Chadha? This is what Commando 2 is all nearly.

However, in spite of good action, the movie fails, not holding interest, mainly in the second half. The pace with which the story goes ahead and the revelation of the secret fail to leave an impact. The story which is written by Ritesh Shah is a little gripping and you at all times tell yourself that there is still scope for the movie to get better.

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Action choreography by Franz Spilhaus and Vidyut Jammwal is shocking especially the chase sequences on the busy roads and fancy multi-storeyed buildings of Taiwan. Exploring the problem of Demonisation, Deven sets the story in Thailand and Taiwan with the spy running the show successfully. The movie starts off quite well till the interval but fails in the second half completely. The film is also undone by the accidentally hilarious and downright illogical ‘technical’ aspects forced into the plan.

Vidyut stands out with his outstanding stunts until the last frame of the movie but with each movie, he proves that he isn’t a worthy actor. At the similar time, he knows his way about with action flicks so well that he sails through the entire film perfectly. Adah Sharma is a funny relief in the role of a blonde inspector accompanying two hot men on the task.

Freddy Adil Hussain, Daruwala, Sumit Gulati, Satish Kaushik and Shefali Shah are good in their respective parts. The biggest disappointment is Esha Gupta who plays a gray role for the foremost time. Though her reason for doing a ‘Vidyut Jammwal’ picture is clearly understandable but she is awful.

Total the film will appeal to persons who love to see the act and want to see Vidyut Jammwal doing it. But not anything more to it!

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