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Cockfight organisers hell-bent despite ban

Cockfight is the most popular refreshment for most of the residents of Andhra Pradesh especially in Kakinada and Bheemavaram.


Kakinada: The execution of ban on cockfights has developed a difficult challenge to the police as organisers, who have a lot of political impact, have made it pure that they would endure their cockfight sport with a traditional essence, yet the AP High Court has carried its judgment contrary to cockfights.

“The court carried its verdict. Law has its individual course. The persons organise cockfights as normal, as per custom,’’ said a public illustrative in Peddapuram electorate.

“We can’t upkeep court stays or court orders in cockfight matter. The governments as well as judges let playing games, horse races and additional gambling games. On the Internet and smartphones, there is an ad to ‘play rummy and ‘win crores’. But, cockfight is not betting, it is only a outmoded spirit of sport which imitates the courage and appearance of the area and its philosophy,’’ said Mr. Subba Rao of Peddada village, an organizer and prize cock grower.

The organizers said people engaged in farming work in coastal and northern Andhra from Guntur to Srikakulam, in specific both East and West Godavari districts; relish Sankranti festival by watching cockfights and additional sports.

“Cockfight is a game – a tradition and philosophy. The courts cannot delay and eliminate it. If there is any gambling and tying of blades to cock’s feet through the fight, the government should confirm that such brutality does not occur,” said requester Mr. K. Raghurama Krishnam Raju.

Though, the animal lovers welcomed the court’s verdict and told the government should honor and esteem the court verdict and take paces to stall cockfight game in the state.

“There is a no sense in ‘cockfight as a game’. If they take it is a custom, why should the governments ban child marriages, failing with the dead spouse (Sati Sahagamanam) and others,’’ Animal Rescue Organisation secretary Gopal R. Surabathula interrogated.

He said currently the police should play a main role in eradicating cockfight, in view of court’s judgment.

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