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Thinking about picking up the latest take on Chromecast? If you want a chromecast PowerPoint future-proof streaming device that will begin taking advantage of the growing library of 4K contented, the Chromecast Ultra is the way to go.

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But, for those who haven’t really looked chromecast PowerPoint into 4K until now, here are some points have to be keeping in mind.


As reported by cutcabletoday.com, here are the necessary internet speeds you need for several streaming qualities:

3.0 Mbps – suggested Internet speed for Standard Definition (480p) streaming

5.0 Mbps – suggested Internet speed for High Definition (1080p) streaming

25 Mbps – suggested Internet speed for Ultra High Definition (4K) streaming

These references help you identify whether or not the internet service which you are paying for can control 4K streaming. This year, the UnitedState home internet speed normally jumped up over 55mbps, so more of you should be fine. Obviously, chromecast PowerPoint still move to a large chunk of the population possibly under-equipped to handle the rigors of 4K streaming.

Check with your provider chromecast PowerPoint to figure out your present speeds and to choose if you can afford a package with firm enough speeds for 4K.


The highlight of the Chromecast is dead-simple system over a wireless network without extra cables or hard lines. For most chromecast PowerPoint, this is the way to use the Chromecast Ultra.

Irrespective of your internet speed, your router can be the offender if you are experiencing slow speeds. First of all, I would suggest to plugging your laptop into the router directly via ethernet cable to check the actual speeds. Just search “speed test” in the Google search bar and run it (no app needed). You will see fast what speeds you are getting from your ISP before they hit the air via your router.

Following, connect any device to your router and run the test again. As long as the speed is good consistent, you are in good form. If you see a big drawback off on the wireless network, you will have some issues with streaming 4K.

Numerous online channels and brick-and-mortar retailers have a vast selection of routers. Do your research and pick one that has good attention and throughput. All routers are not prepared the same.

Further, you could just wait for Google Wifi or snag an OnHub. They should be great for this.


The Chromecast Ultra doesn’t come with an HDMI cable. While maximum cables are now high-speed HDMI, not all of them are. Chromecast PowerPoint is also “4K HDMI Cables” being marketed out there, but don’t be misled. As long as it is high speed, you are enclosed for 4K. You can read more about it here.

Then, some TVs have HDMI ports that do and don’t support 4K and/or 60 frames per second in 4K. Refer your owner’s manual and identify your ports correctly to save yourself some time and prevention.

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