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Chrissy Teigen couldn’t control postnatal depression

Chrissy Teigen, well-known Model and TV presenter has opened up for the first time regarding her postnatal depression succeeding the birth of her baby girl Luna. She speaks she couldn’t overcome the problem.


Chrissy, who is wedded to popular singer John Legend, said she had discovered that she had postnatal depression in 2016 December and had thought of speaking out to let people know that the state, also named postpartum depression, “can occur to anybody”.

She had given a birth to a baby previous year.

In an open letter to a magazine, Chrissy said: “I have postpartum depression. So much love to Glamour magazine for allowing me to share something that was eating me up inside for months and months.

“One of the greatest astounding things about social media is the capability to interact frankly with friends and admirers and it felt so strange knowing what I was going over but not actually feeling like it was the correct place to talk about it.”

She even said that for long phases of time, she was incapable of leaving the house, closing herself away in the dark and hardly moving from “the same spot” all day.

It was her arrival to work on the TV show “Lip Sync Battle” 4 months after giving birth to her daughter that had made her realise that she was “different than before”.

Chrissy wrote: “I am having everything I needed to be happy. And however, for much of the previous year, I felt hopeless. What essentially everybody around me — but for me — knew up till December was this: I have postpartum depression.

Chrissy said she found it so difficult to speak about her postnatal depression since she felt “selfish, icky and weird” to confess she was struggling.

“I have a pleasant life. I have all the assistance I would need: John, my mom (who lives with us), a nanny.

“But postpartum does not victimize. I couldn’t control it. And that is the part of the reason it took me so long to express: I felt so selfish, icky, and weird saying loudly that I am struggling. Occasionally I still do.”

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