Sunday , March 24 2019

Cho sir was my godfather, says Dr Vijay Shankar

Reminding as how Cho had trust on him, Dr Vijay said, “I had the privilege to do cataract operation on him an inordinate length of time ago”.


Dr Vijay Shankar, the popular eye specialist and son of late actor Jaishankar, who shared a neighboring bond with Cho Ramaswamy and took care of the later while he was unwell for more than one and a half year states his association with DC.

“I speak to him as per uncle. I had spent more time with Cho uncle that with my father. Despite our vast age similarity, we are fond of each other’s company and he used to talk over everything under the sun as well as personal matters, politics, films etc. He used to confide everything to me.  His strong sense of humor was being fond of by all”.

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Recalling as how Cho had confidence on him, Dr Vijay whispered, “I had the honor to do cataract operation on him years ago. When many persuade against him not to allow me to do the surgery on him for the reason that I was very young then, Cho uncle had belief and asked me operate”.

He adds, “He was my great well-wisher.  When PM Modi came to Chennai to meet Cho uncle, he make known to me to Modiji and said ‘this is the boy who takes care of me’. I was thrilled. And every doctor who treated him last one year was selected by me; he had immense faith in me. It is a big lacuna in my life”.


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