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Chiranjeevi’s debut TV stint a big flop

Chiranjeevi’s bad timing and the incapability to bring something fresh to the table are said to be the main reasons.


After a huge gap of almost 9 years when megastar Chiranjeevi reverted to the big screen, his movie Khaidi No. 150 became a big success. Yet, when the actor had made his debut on TV with the reality game show Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu, it curved out to be a failure. Chiranjeevi was anchoring the 4th season of the show, whereas the first three seasons were hosted by Nagarjuna.

Remarkably, the first three seasons were a big success. “Nagarjuna was new to television and public had felt he fetched in something fresh,” speaks a source close from the TV channel. Moreover, Chiranjeevi couldn’t make anything new and presented the show in the similar pattern. “Audiences didn’t find something exciting and were soon bored to see not anything new,” said the source.

This period of the show will air almost 60 episodes out of which 16 shows have already been shot and exposed so far. For every episode, the assessed budget is Rs 30 lakh that comprises Chiru’s payment of Rs 15 lakh.

“The Maa TV channel takes in the contestants and the viewers for the show and it takes 2-3 hours to do the shooting of one episode, so they usually shoot for two episodes in a day,” speaks the source.

With the accomplishment of the first three seasons hosted by Nagarjuna, the marketing team of the channel was capable to get good commerce for the show.

“The spell was supposed to start previous year, but they instigated in February which is not a perfect time for shows. Everybody is busy with examinations so the initial two weeks’ viewership was so low. In the coming weeks also it might not go up as the IPL season will begin from April 4th 2017,” says the source saying, “The show’s timing is also a hindrance since it starts at 9.30 pm. Previously Nagarjuna’s show begun at 9 pm and that too makes a change.”

Though the sponsors aren’t receiving enough viewership for their cash, it’s Chiranjeevi who stands to drop the most as he hasn’t been capable to make his mark on the viewers with this show. “If this slow show endures, the channel might not have one more season of the show,” says a representative from the channel.

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