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Chiranjeevi Daughter makes a comeback with Khaidi No.150

Chiranjeevi is currently so busy with his 150th movie Kaidi No. 150.


This Diwali, admirers of megastar Chiranjeevi delighted as the first look of his comeback movie was out. Though everybody was crazed about his style, there was one being basking in the splendor — Sushmita Konidela. The hero’s firstborn daughter, who has been his stylist from Jai Chiranjeeva, is making a retort into film with Khaidi No.150.

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She says “I discern there has been a big gap but I wouldn’t actually call this a retort, since I hadn’t been away from the style scene overall. I functioned on my style line Dela and have been tailoring my dad for many public entrances. But I did take a pause from my style line to crack a full-time mother. I should say the past six years of my lifetime have been very lovely with my kids.”

One marvels how diverse it is to toil with Chiranjeevi this time, as opposed to afore he bid ciao to movies. “This is the gladdest I have seen my dad in a long time. When he had taken a break from movies, as much as he was fervent about politics, he was certainly not in his comfort zone. Then now that he is back, I can nous the eagerness. His eagerness has infected the home,” she discloses. “But there’s one more variation now: Back then, I was solo, had all the time on my hands and would devote hours together on my thoughts. Currently, with my kids, I need to prioritize and plan in a totally diverse way.”

Did Khaidi No. 150 feel like the faultless project to make a retort with? “I have been working with my dad for actually long now and it didn’t truly seem like a choice whether I would work with him or not. Moreover, I recollect how, at first, I was young and found it tough to convey my feelings to the directors and I would request my father to say it to them. Now, I am glad individuals look at me as a matured person and value my belief,” she said.

The first look displays Chiranjeevi in fairly a stylish avatar and one marvel what the core hint behind it was.

“It is a significant movie as he is making a retort but our objective was simple: to confirm that he appeared just the way he did previously he left. The original crux of Chiru was what we sought to imitate. We didn’t need to experiment much but at the similar time, we desired to keep fashions in mind and make him look fashionable,” she clarifies.

Is it inspiring to work with a household member? “Especially, when it is your dad! It is hard to strike the specialized balance which is undeniably needed. It might get hard for me to satisfy my dad to try something and at the similar time, it is possible that he becomes anxious about telling me when he doesn’t like somewhat. Drawing the line is a hard task. But fortunately for us, Ram Charan is the one who aids in that part since whenever there’s a trouble in communication, he comes in as the bond. We have made that a method of working at the moment,” she says.

Now there’s an excess of actors from the family only that she could work with. “(Laughs) I discern! They were all small kids back then. And I love to work with them. Let us see how possessions work out,” she says on a departure note as she adds, “I am scheduling to prelaunch my label as well. And fortunately for me, my family has been very helpful through this time.”


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