Wednesday , April 24 2019

Children Sicked Consuming Outdated Drugs Telangana

Telangana: At least 12 children fell ill on Sunday with relatives alleging that their children were administered injections having expired medicines at the hospital.

Telangana children sicked due to expiry medicine

The children of Gandhi General Hospital developed chills, nausea and fever a few hours after receiving obsolete antibiotics.

A mother of an injured child, Shafiya, said the doctors who examined the children confirmed that the injections contained expired drugs.

“Children started trembling a few hours after taking the injection and their eyes swollen too. They began to vomit. Second, their health began to deteriorate. We then took to doctors who said that the drugs Used in the injection have expired.

As their condition worsened, they were all transferred to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“We took them to the emergency room where they were injected and brought back to normal. They complained of stomach aches again in the morning and now they are being treated,” said mother ‘Another child, Afreen Anjum.

Senior state health officials reportedly opened an investigation.

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