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Chennai will see intermittent rains for next 24 hours

In their bulletin, the IMC stated that the low-pressure area over chennai and interior Tamil Nadu and neighbourhood still persists.


Chennai: Chennai and Interior districts of Tamil Nadu State had received significant rain on Friday, 02 December 2016, under the influence of the well-marked low pressure, after the cyclonic storm of NADA which crossed the coast near Nagapatnam in Tamil Nadu.

The Chennai City recorded the moderate rain of 42mm at Anna University and 39mm at Taramani while other districts including Vellore and Tirucuraplli noted 23mm and 26mm respectively

In the latest bulletin, the Indian Meteorological Centre stated that the low pressure area over the Interior Tamil Nadu districts and neighbourhood still continues. “Under the influence of the associated upper air cyclonic circulation over Malay Peninsula and neighbourhood, a low pressure area is very likely to develop over south Andaman Sea, Which is likely to develop over south Andaman Sea, which is likely to concentrate into a depression in 3 days,” the bulletin stated.

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Irregular rains will continue in Chennai city and the neighbouring districts for the next 24 hours, stated S. Balachandran, director of Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC). South Chennai, which noted 35.1mm (till 8.30pm) on Friday of rainfall is taking a pounding as roads are stagnated and visibility is poor. Weather blogger and civic activist, S. Bhaskaran stated, “Strong rains are noted in South Chennai since Friday evening, which is affecting the civic arrangement. Roads at Ullagaram, Pallavaram and Kilkattalai see water-logging.” Rainfall activity has picked up in southern districts too as Madurai noted 23.6mm and Kodaikanal recorded 30.8mm. With the current cyclone fading to yield heavy rains, the state is holding the hopes on other cyclonic storm expected to form within 3 days.

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