Thursday , March 21 2019

Chandrababu Naidu: Focus on roads to Amaravati

Chandrababu Naidu to hold a high-level meet on infrastructure enhancement on December 27.


Vijayawada: With the total economic growth of the capital city, above 3 lakh indirect and direct and direct jobs are predictable to be formed in next 8-10 years.

The government’s planned road connectivity to the AP’s capital city and the roads in the city will be intended keeping the forthcoming requirements in mind. The CM has focused the top officials of the supremacy and infrastructure extensions on making more amenities.

He frazzled the necessity for a launch of hotels having international and national reputation, hospitals and colleges at the earliest which would inevitably boost economic growth.

In a teleconference held on Sunday, the CM has engaged the officials to develop essential roads to ensure less than 5-hour transportable time from the capital to any region.

He underlined the necessity to exert distinct focus on placing the connectivity roads to Amaravati, particularly the Anantapur-Amaravati Green-field Expressway that joins Rayalaseema to Amaravati. The Chief Minister will conduct a high-level conference on infrastructure growth in Amaravati on 27 December.

Minister for MA&UD Dr. P. Narayana, Special Chief Secretary (T&RB) B. Sambob, Chief Secretary S.P. Tucker, Special Chief Secretary to CM Sateesh Chandra, Amaravati Development Corporation (ADC) CMD Lakshmi Pardha-saradhi, Principal Secretary to CM G. Sai Prasad, CRDA commissioner Dr Cherukuri Sridhar, Principal Secretary (Energy, I&I & CRDA) Ajay Jain, and CRDA media advisor partook in the teleconference.

Mr. Sambob well-versed that the planned 600 km of Amaravati – Anantapur Express Highway is envisioned to be urbanized as a Greenfield Access Controlled Express-way with a 6/4-lane outline with an asset of Rs 29,000 crore. It would deliver connectivity amid Amaravati and the reluctant Rayalaseema districts, covering Prakasam, Guntur, Anantapur, Kurnool and Kadapa.

To hustle up the building of this road project, five distinct land acquisition units and a forestry cell for treating all the essential clearances with regard to de-reservation of forest land have been done.

Mr. Ajay Jain said the CM that noticeable health and educational organizations like VIT, Amrita University, SRM University, Indo-UK Institute of Health are being set up. Top global schools have exposed keen interest to set up their organizations in Amaravati.


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