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Chandrababu Naidu a housing plan on the runway

The state government has identified gaps in the pursuit of the urban housing plan.

Chandrababu Naidu a housing plan on the runway
The state government has identified gaps in the pursuit of the urban housing plan

About Andhra Pradesh housing plan, the Housing Ministry officials noted that the former Housing Secretary Luv Agarwal and his staff said they did not want to operate the system in EPC mode, which delayed the process for a long time. After 2.5 years, the department is preparing to rectify the mistakes.
Some key officers in the dwelling have discouraged the mode of engineering, procurement and construction in the realization of the project, as in this procedure, houses will be handed over directly to the government in one go, where the possibility of frequent commissions be Almost nil.
As a result of the failure of the housing bureaucrats to address the issue of urban housing for the homeless, the Chief Minister considered the creation of the PA Planning and Infrastructure Development Corporation, Is president and technician Ramnath Velamati vice president.
The APTPIDC, which was formed in August of last year, recently completed the exercise of preparing the action plan, return procedures, policies and guidelines for urban housing.
“We have recently completed the procedural formalities of housing plan,” said Velamati and added that strict guidelines have been designed to benefit the actual homeless in the urban AP.

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“The system will work with subsidies provided by the Union and state governments,” he said. But the irony is that on how the state government and APTPIDC will run the NTR Housing for the urban poor, in the next two years.
EPC is a popular model adopted globally in many projects such as road construction and roof-top solar projects in general and in Ketakanonda, near Ibrahimpatnam, a sophisticated housing model has been developed with the Prefabricated concrete slab and pipeline without termites, rustproof and waterproof.
Later, the housing authorities conveniently ignored the follow-up process, around Rs 4.5 lakh at Rs 6.5 lakh by construction 2BHK in an area of ​​300 square feet to 450 square feet was estimated then,” said a housing official.
The official expressed doubts as to how APTPIDC would collect financial support for more than two lakh houses estimated in urban housing.

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