Sunday , March 24 2019

Centre allows culling of Nilgais in Bihar and Monkeys in Himachal Pradesh

Centre allows culling of Nilgais in Bihar

New Delhi: The ministry of environment has declared Rhesus Macaque monkeys in Himachal Pradesh to be “vermin” for 12 months, permitting their culling to manage their populace during this time. The progress took place after the Centre had allowed the killing of nilgai in Bihar.

The notification said that the state has pronounced harm to life, property and agriculture outside forests. The killings of nilgais in Bihar had activists calling it a massacre.

Vermin means wild animals which are believed to be dangerous to agriculture, cattle, game or which carry illnesses.

“Blue bulls and monkeys are creating troubles in Bihar and HP. Declaration of vermin is sort of a population control tool. Vermin is an exercise in Africa where they even kill elephants. “As an animal welfare perspective, it will likely be incorrect however in case you look at it from ecological control angle, it’s proper,” said Ajay Saxena, programme manager (forestry) at Centre for science and environment.

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