Tuesday , March 26 2019

Celebrities and Designers are picking up ‘Destination Jewellery’ 

Celebrities are constrained to carry with them a horde of valuable ornaments.


Garb them. Flaunt them. Blaze in them. Even if you lose them, it’s not a trouble. Say hi to Destination Jewellery. Newly, reality TV celebrity Kim Kardashian West was alleged at gunpoint in an extravagant, apartment in Paris, and raided of jewellery allegedly value $9 million.

This is the real nightmare that utmost celebrities fear. By social obligations, marriages and press conferences to join through the world, stars are bound to carry with them a flock of precious ornaments.

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Here’s where destination jewellery marks an entry.  Made-up of semi-precious things, destination jewellery is accessible while roving to foreign locations. “Several of our customers complain of losing their sparkler rings and earrings while they are wandering, and when they need to change them often,” says Neeta Goyal, fashion designer at Diosa, “So, we make use of silver as an alternative of gold to craft pieces, and have a combination of semi-precious and artificial stones that are cut in the similar way as diamonds. Ever since we have them handcrafted by the similar craftsmen who make extravagance lines, the excellence of the jewellery does not hurt, though the price is as less as one-tenth of the original one.”

Jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali says that the awareness of destination jewellery is imitative from the idea of destination marriages. “You can get a worthy quality portion of jewellery for all between Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000. You’d slightly be safe when you’re roving and celebrating, as a substitute of having the annoyance of ringing your own jewellery — those are more of accountability,” says designer and creator Sonaakshi Raaj.

Artist Sophie Chaudhary marks in, “In these days, our jewelries aren’t even safe in a hotel safe and ringing them along while roving is certainly not worth the strain. I consider you can get remarkable statement pieces in its place, and they look a lot chiller too.” Both Sonaakshi and Farah recommend this jewellery.

She, conversely, says that it’s the gems that are typically expensive, but there’s a mid-way out for those who don’t actually enjoy the feel of destination jewellery. “Some persons buy gold jewellery and have them customized with semi-precious stones, ever since it’s the gems that cost the maximum,” she says.

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