Monday , April 22 2019

Technology News

Microsoft Cloud Popularity Reason for its Rising Profits

Microsoft Chief Satya Nadella revealed how Microsoft Cloud managed to satisfy Customer and build their trust and made a profitable business for the Company. The top four US tech giants, including Microsoft, gained huge Profits in the first three months of the year. With Microsoft gained profits up nearly 28%, ...

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Microsoft Plans for Console Domination using Project Scorpio

The latest Microsoft Xbox Update Project Scorpio is going to rule the gaming world. It Outperforms several such Gaming Consoles. Microsoft has recently done something that console manufacturers have never done so far. Yes! It has declared for its latest Xbox Update, its forthcoming project Scorpio console at, video game ...

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Microsoft and LinkedIn Integrations for better sales and HR outcomes

Microsoft revealed that it will integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator with its own ERP and CRM business software, Dynamics 365. This will ensure that sales people get profitable outcomes. This integration of Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator will help sales people to use their professional networks and leverage it to ...

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How to Increase Revenue for Your Small Business


To retain your business open, you should upsurge revenue — which is simpler said than completed, isn’t it? You are competing with bigger businesses that have more tough marketing budgets. You don’t have the time or cash to try strategies that won’t work. As an alternative, just focus on these ...

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Hyundai Mobile App Exposed Cars to high-tech Thieves


Hyundai had confirmed the bug’s presence and said it moved fast to fix the problem. Software susceptibilities in a Hyundai Corp application that permits a car to be started remotely made the firm’s vehicles liable to theft from high-tech thieves for 3 months before the corporation fixed the bug in ...

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Microsoft Replaces Wunderlist with a New To-Do App

The new Microsoft To-Do app has some intelligent algorithms thrown in. This is will take the place of Wunderlist app.   After a few weeks of Microsoft declaring that it will no longer support Windows Vista, the tech giant has announced that it will also replace the app Wunderlist with a ...

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Google testing the new feature “Copyless Paste” in Chrome for Android

Google testing the new feature “Copyless Paste” in in Chrome for Android

The first code of the Copyless Paste, which is meant to take the data from the Chrome usage and uses it to improve the experience in other apps. One of the most used commands of the Keyboard Shortcuts is Copy and Paste. It is the staple of modern technology era. ...

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