Friday , February 24 2017

Google Produts

Satya Nadella spent per week attempting to persuade India that Microsoft will catch up to Google and Facebook


The likes of Facebook and Google are weary of soaked, tech-savvy markets like the US and the Japan. To discover their next frontier for growth, they’re turning to India. For More Google Product News Click Here Their first strategy to do something more customers to their products is to bring ...

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BMW i Augmented Certainty Visualizer launch on Google Play


BMW i have launched its augmented realism product visualizer powered by Tango on Google Play, meaning clients can explore and pre-configure their ideal BMW i3 BMW i have launched its augmented realism product visualizer powered by Tango on Google Play, meaning clients can explore and pre-configure their ideal BMW i3 or ...

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Google steps against fake news

Fact check tool of Google

Google steps up fight against fake news by escalating fact-check tool The giant of Internet Search engine Google which introduced a new fact-checking tool that allows the readers to determine whether the given news is a true story or the fake news. It works through an algorithmic process from which ...

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Project Zero of Google’s discovers the bug of Microsoft Windows

Project Zero Software Bug

Project Zero of Google’s revealed the bug of Microsoft Windows after the deadline period of 90 days Project Zero of Google’s which is a team of security analyst employed by Google mainly tasked for finding zero vulnerabilities. There can be number of flaws in a software which is  used by ...

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Now consumer can use Google Home to order products over Google Assistant


AI-powered voice assistants are gaining new feature additions at a gentle pace. Google home is nowadays adding the feature to buy for things using the Google Assistant on Google Home. This may change users to buy from retailers who support Google specifically, like Costco, Whole Foods, PetSmart and over fifty ...

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Google Product to Lead Feedback from Customer for the Pixel, Ideas to Improve


Google Product to take feedback from Customer for Pixel, to improve ideas It has the highest rated smartphone camera ever. Unlimited storage for all your photos and videos and it’s the first phone with the Google Assistant built in. Over on Google’s product forum, a product led form the Pixel ...

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai responds to a job application of seven year old girl

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

  7 year old girl writes a letter to Google CEO, regarding her job In Google A 7-year-old girl from Hereford, UK  wrote a letter to the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai  in a brave manner. Chloe Bridgewater daughter of  Andy Bridgewater wrote the letter to the goggle boss and  the ...

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Amazon Echo and Google is going to replace Artificial Intelligence speakers into telephones

Amazon echo

Amazon Echo and Google home is used to make calls by replacing speakers Amazon and Google are working on to turn their popular home speaker products into replacements for a home telephone.Respective smart speakers of Google and Amazon’s sooner could gain an another functionality. The new feature of Amazon Echo and ...

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Ads of own Google products with advertisers leads to impact on the prices of advertisers

Google Ads

Ads on Google for its own products results in charging the prices for advertisers   In the search engine,  Google and other sibling companies need to buy ads at  Alphabet and the company says that it works in such a way to ensure that its participation in the ad auction ...

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Google Maps Will Now Let You Create, Share, Follow ‘Lists’ of Places


Google Maps new feature is now rolling out to android, iOS apps and all the users will be capable to create, share, and follow Lists. Google has revealed the Google Maps ‘Lists’ feature, and also proclaimed its handiness in India. The new feature gives users the capability to mark out ...

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