Monday , January 23 2017


MH370 Search Crews Return To Port After Fruitless Hunt Ends

mh370 malaysian airline

The vessel involved in the recent hunt for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 returned to the port in Western Australia on Monday. Where officials from the countries that funded the unsuccessful search gathered to thank them and defend their decision to put End to hunt the Malaysian airline MH370 despite the ...

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Trump Ready To Shake Up Trade Deals

trump ready to shake up trades

Trump ready to shake up trade deals, White House will renegotiate NAFTA, statement says: A few minutes after its inauguration, President Donald Trump announced plans to withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, which analysts believe could have profound effects On the ...

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Washington Braces For Anti-Trump Protests For Today’s Inauguration

washington anti-trump

Washington Braces For Anti-Trump Protests For Inauguration WASHINGTON / NEW YORK – Washington has evolved into a virtual fortress on Thursday, before Donald Trump‘s presidential inauguration, as thousands of people travel the streets of New York and Washington to express their discontent with his administration at come. According to organizers estimates, ...

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Nigeria Air Strike on Refugee Camp Kills 52

Nigeria Air Strike

Nigerian air force killed at least 52 people and injured 120 people in an air strike on a refugee camp in the northeast of the country Tuesday. A spokesman for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) That the army revealed that the strike was intended for the militants of Boko Haram. MSF ...

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Berlin Sheds Tear for Post-War Order as Trump Era Looms

berlin sheds

BERLIN: US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel may have made a tough start, but his imminent departure sparked a wave of nostalgia and trepidation in Berlin. While Donald Trump threatens to overthrow the pillars of the post-war order, few cities historically symbolize the strength of the transatlantic ...

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26 Killed In Latest Brazil Jail Bloodbath

brazil prison

NATAL: The most recent brutal massacre of detainees involving suspected members of gangs in Brazil killed 26 detainees, most of whom were beheaded, officials said Sunday. The bloodbath erupted Saturday night in the overcrowded Alcacuz prison in the northeast of Rio Grande do Norte. Similar violence in other prisons in ...

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In tearful farewell, Obama awards Biden the Medal of Freedom

president model for freedom

President Barack Obama awarded the Presidential Medal for Freedom to Joe Biden, the man he described as “the best vice president we have ever seen,” at the dawn of their two political careers. The deputy president climbed into shock when Obama announced that he was awarding the country’s highest civilian ...

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Samsung Heir Quizzed As Suspect In Park Geun-Hye Scandal

samsung heir

The heir of Samsung Lee Jae-Yong was toasted by South Korean prosecutors on Thursday after becoming a criminal suspect in the corruption scandal engulfing impeached President Park Geun–Hye. Lee, president of Samsung Electronics and son of Samsung group president Lee Kun–Hee, was due to be questioned on allegations of corruption, ...

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Afghanistan Bombings: Death Toll Rises to 50 in Blasts Across Three Cities

afghanistan bomb attack

Kabul: Bomb attacks in three Afghanistan cities, including Kabul, killed about 50 people on Tuesday during a day of carnage that broke a relative lull of violence as the Taliban insurgents intensified a deadly winter campaign. At least nine people died when explosives hidden in a couch exploded in the ...

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Trump’s Son-in-law Kushner To Take Senior White House Role

kushner son-in-law of Trump

In a statement, Mr. Trump said that Mr. Kushner would be a “valuable member of my team as I establish and implement an ambitious program.” US President-elect Donald Trump on Monday named his influential twin, Jared Kushner, as a senior advisor to the White House, putting the young real estate ...

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