Tuesday , October 25 2016

Health & Fitness

Children can become Smarter by Counting on Fingers


Children, usually become so smart by making use of Finger Perception. Washington: Parents, take a note. Counting on fingers might make your children smarter, proposes a recent study which observed that kids who have better insight of their hands incline to be more skillful at math. Finger perception – the skill ...

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Glucose Tablets likely better for Easing Low Blood Sugar Symptoms


Glucose tablets can improve the lower blood sugar levels. When persons with diabetes experience a risky drip in blood sugar, glucose tablets may be a well option than a syrupy food or drink, a study proposes. Individuals with diabetes can progress hypoglycemia, or lower blood sugar, if they avoid a ...

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Erectile Dysfunction might Improve with Exercise


Erectile dysfunction might benefit from physical activity or exercise, according to a recent analysis. A rising body of indication has recommended physical activity could progress erectile function, but the writers of the recent report say that till now, no one had observed at all the studies jointly. The theme is ...

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Test Tube Babies Born to Women Over 40 might have Lesser Birth Defects


Test Tube Babies born to females aged over 40 years from aided reproduction have lesser birth defects when compared with women who conceive naturally at that age group, a new study has declared. This is differing to common belief that the bigger risk of birth defects after supported conception is ...

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Domestic Violence can Lead to Traumatic Brain Injury


Domestic Violence is the most common thing these days. In a new study, the investigators at Barrow Neurological Institute have recognized a connection between domestic violence and traumatic brain injury. The results could have vital implications in the cure of domestic violence fighters both in social and medical service societies. ...

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Research Gives Hope for People with Facial, Head Deformities


Research also clarified how messing with the body’s calcium levels through pregnancy can source facial deformities. Washington D.C.: A new research validates that calcium performs a major role in controlling the cells that are accountable for bone growth and the conclusion could distress treatment for individuals with head and facial ...

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Diabetes: Lack of Awareness Brings Setbacks


Diabetes is the most common and majorly dangerous if not treated well. Chennai: Rajakumar, a 52 years old visually weakened, never expected that he would lose his leg due to Diabetes. Being an agriculturalist, from Salianthopu, a small village nearby Chidambaram he is not having anyone to take care of ...

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HIV Prevention Therapy Could Benefit Gay Men


HIV previous investigations have found that a regular dose of Truvada might reduce HIV procurement in males who have sex with males by 44 percent. Washington D.C.: The anti HIV medication Truvada has attested to be very active at stopping new infections once taken by people at great risk, who severely ...

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Contraceptive Pills Can Source DVT


Contraceptive pills intake can source blood clot in veins. Bengaluru:  Females popping oral contraceptive pills for minor reasons and choosing for hormonal handling are at high risk of evolving Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE), warn medics. For More Health News Click Here “Most of the teenagers and ...

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