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Carnatic musician Balamuralikrishna passes away

Carnatic musician Balamuralikrishna passes away

Carnatic musician Balamuralikrishna passes away

CHENNAI Report, A veteran Carnatic musician M Balamuralikrishna who is known for his non conventionality and boundless imagination died here on Tuesday, he was 86 years old. Balamuralikrishna breathed his last today in his house at Kanakasri Nagar near the famed Music Academy on Cathedral Road, and he is born in Sankaraguptam Andhra Pradesh state, he began to learn music at the age of 3rd year, referred to as a child prodigy by 15 he had mastered all the 72 melakartha ragas and composed related kritis, as per the report.

He is not only a vocalist he had accompanied artistes on kanjira mridangam and violin, having collected over 400 songs in different languages like Sanskrit Kannada, Tamil and Telugu, and he had also acted in various films like Bhakta Prahlada, Oru Naal Podhuma from the Sivaji Ganesan starrer Thiruvilaiyadal Thiruvilaiyadal is still a popular number among everyone as per the report.

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More like, until a few years he was active in the kutcheri circuit performing performances, over these years he had created ragas like Mahati and mostly sang his own compositions during kutcheris, and balamurali renowned compositions include, Ee pariya Sobagu and Satyavantarigidu Kaalavalla, as per the report

Balamuralikrishna was successful as an artiste with his gifted magical voice and took the classical music through its various contours in many genres including film religious folk and jugalbandis, and there had never been a dull moment in his concerts and he is the only South Indian artiste who on request sang Tagore is Robindro Sangeet in All India Radio to preserve it for future and he has received several awards including the Padma Shri and the Padma Vibhushan, and Knights of the Order of Arts and Letters awarded by the French government as per the officials report.

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