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Bribes, biryani, freebies rule university elections in Telangana

Telangana Students flout Lyngdoh panel strategies on poll expenditure.


Hyderabad: Telangana Student union elections, which are held through the state each year, are a reflection of the general elections. There is rigorous agitation for these elections backed by the parent political parties, with the normal accusations and counter-accusations, assertions of bribery, and distribution of freebies.

The concern of students, doing course after course just to partake in the elections was one of the several issues that provoked the ministry of human resources development, in the direction of the Supreme Court, to employ the Lyngdoh Committee to inspect and recommend on specific aspects of the student body and student union elections.

The committee has submitted its ‘guidelines/instructions for the student union elections’ in 2006. One of its commendations was that not more than Rs 5,000 be expended per candidate on the drive, but this boundary is grossly overshot.


“The ABVP had allegedly given students packets of biryani and beer on the evening before of the elections previous year,” stated a student. “There were claims that their agitation was done in zoom cars. They also held an ethnic event with rivalries just before the elections with big amounts of prize money specified to students. This type of campaigning should be made intolerable. The funds could be put to better use.”

The election commissions, consisting of faculty members, sanction posters, and notices. They say that the notices they receive are rigged. A check is done only when a protest is received. They say that it is hard to drench the heightened election fervor in university grounds.

Aspirants who have had to face punitive charges from the university are flouting the customs, and use their insolence as a badge of honor in their campaigns. Syed Amin, a student, speaks, “If a leader (candidate) experiences pressure and gets flak from the authorities that show how good he/she is.”

One more rule that is ignored is one that decrees campaigning must end the day afore the elections. But chits with the terms of candidates are handed out close polling booths on the day of the voting.

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