Wednesday , April 24 2019

Boom shika laka, Ashika into Sandalwood.

The dancer who has three big Kannada movies releases soon says about life as an actor, and about her character in the super starred films ahead.


Acting might not have been Ashika first choice as a career, but this pretty lass’ love for dancing led her into numerous talent hunt competitions, and she constantly came out on top. For Ashika R, presently doing her second year BCom, fate decided that dance would help her step on the silver screen!

Ashika then took her first role with Crazy Boy directed by Mahesh Babu, who had former introduced several actresses who went on to turn into top Sandalwood heroines. She is also laughing as she ambles into three other great star films — Mugul Nage with Golden Star Ganesh, Leader with and Raju Kannada Medium Dr. Shivarjkumar, with Guru Nandan. The artist speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle about her journey from educations, to dance and acting, which is now her greatest desire.

“I recently completed shooting for Raju Kannada Medium through Guru Nandan, who is back with the team of First Rank Raju, which finished 100 days of success and critical acclaim. Now, I will be a departure to Pondicherry in a day for the shooting of Mugul Nage which marks the comeback of two great characters — Yograj Bhat and Golden Star Ganesh Sir. Thereafter, I will be describing an important role in the multi-starer Leader containing Dr. Shivarajkumar Sir. I could not have requested for more after my debut in Mahesh Babu Sir’s Crazy Boy,” says Ashika.

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The artist who simply loved dancing did several programs, and then came that call that most actors wait for with bated breath — a director communicated her for a role in his movie. “Photos of those actions I had performed at helped me get offers. I was not ever keen on acting, but my parents insisted that I should at least give it a try as not numerous get such chances to act. Now, I just cannot think about anything other than movies. It is my passion, and my only ambition is to do good films, and explore my talent, irrespective of the kind of characters I get,” she says.

An adventure fan, Ashika loves to spend time with family if she is not shooting or be present to colleges. Working out in the gym among her shoots keeps her focused and encouraged. “I plan to carry on my studies. I might take up an MBA.

To one side from my parents, even my college and friends care my endeavors. But

I do feel safer by my friends and loved ones post my transparent ventures, and I feel good about it, as long as I do not disappoint them,” she signs off before heading for her following class in MES College in Malleswaram.

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