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Bollywood Sets Sights on Northeast

Bollywood appears to have opened its hands to the northeast with more and more artists from the area being joined into the industry.


Bollywood, from the time one can recollect, has been about Punjabi intelligence and susceptibilities. Above the years it had open up to other customs, but only newly has the industry incorporated northeastern characters and locations. Take Rangoon for example, the shooting was done in Arunachal Pradesh or heroine Andrea Tariang, who comes from Shillong had made quite impact with her astral performance in Pink movie. Aadil Hussain, from the state Assam and Patralekha, whose roots lie in Shillong, have also perceived their admiration soar in the new past. If these pointers are to be thought, it appears as though northeastern rudiments are now very much a part of the Bollywood tender pot.

Andrea, who is high on the accomplishment of Pink, states, “I am contented that I am capable of signifying northeast in Bollywood. Pink was my first movie and it was actually the great experience. I think the future stares bright for the northeast artists and it’s only working to get good.”

Rendering to Patralekha, it’s more around what the story stresses. “Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone was cast in Hollywood since the roles wanted an Indian lady. Likewise, if Bollywood cinemas have roles that are northeastern, it is apt that somebody from there plays the character,” she speaks, saying that she is overjoyed by the fact that such proposals are impending her way.

Northeast has continuously fled mainstream image, so the presence of the area on celluloid will perform a big role in breaking any mythologies or stereotypes about the abode and people. Andrea predominantly is rooting for this alteration. “Previously, I was distressed when individuals used to name us ‘Chinese’. But fairly I just feel apologetic for the people who don’t discern the geography of their own nation. Yet, now things have certainly changed for us with these better depictions in cinemas,” she says even though she confesses that there’s a long way to go afore the partiality is done away with totally.

Rock On 2 is another movie that made a mindful north east connect. The crew shifted the place of the movie to Shillong and Meghalaya, after the spell on Manipuri scholars in Delhi. Director Shujaat Saudagar relates his experience of shooting when he speaks, “It was Farhan’s awareness to shoot Rock On 2 in the northeast. The aim was to rope in the section in viable Hindi cinema. The people there are very sociable and so aware of the atmosphere. No one has ever shot a movie there and I don’t discern why.”

Though the Rock On crew showed their solidarity to the Northeast by shooting fragments of the movie there, Priyanka Chopra’s own production house has gone a step more and is really actively looking for ability in the zone. Madhu Chopra (PC’s mother), who leads the production company, expounds that this has come about as a consequence of Priyanka’s engrossment in Mary Kom (a biopic on the world well-known boxer). “When Priyanka performed Mary Kom she had the wish to work with Northeast endowment. There is ample talent in Northeast and we just wish to make a stage for them” she reveals.

Heroine and model Dipannita Sharma, who comes from Assam, and has been a part of the Bollywood much longer than her generations, is also contented about the tendency.  “When I started, there was hardly anyone from that fragment in the industry and individuals were mainly unaware. It makes me very contented and pleased that in some way I have paid to it with open arms,” she says positively.


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