Sunday , February 17 2019

Bluehost Teams with Google Domains to Help Small Businesses Get Online with WordPress

Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group.


Endurance International Group had announced that Google Domains (GOOG) has nominated its Bluehost brand to deliver WordPress hosting solutions to new and present customers. Google Domains clients can also link their website domains and make new accounts from Bluehost’s website.

Our exceptional architecture delivers customers proven performance, consistency and functionality for running a WordPress website, which is progressively significant as WordPress presently powers over 25 percent of the internet and is the most standard online publishing platform accessible.

Moreover, numerous small businesses depend on WordPress to run their companies and a new SMB Trust Index quoted WordPress as the most reliable brand for small companies. This fresh offering spreads the relationship amid Endurance and Google and reveals both businesses’ joint exertions to get small businesses online and assist to them grow.

“Endurance and Bluehost have functioned closely with’s parent company, Automattic, for years currently to ensure our web hosting platform would flawlessly run WordPress websites,” said CEO & Founder of Endurance, Hari Ravichandran. “We are honored to start working with Google Domains to make it simpler for small business clients to get online and accomplish their online visibility.”

Bluehost WordPress solutions are constructed on an inventive platform which delivers instant WordPress provisioning, automatic promotions, Jetpack, MOJO Marketplace, as well as influential security features etc.

Bluehost armies over 2 million WordPress websites, funds full-time WordPress Core developers on staff and has been commended by since 2005. Bluehost experts are available to offer customers 24/7 WordPress support, one-click fixing, and arrival to custom WordPress tools to gauge their website visibility as they raise.

“We have a better co-operation with Bluehost and we work carefully with them to approve WordPress users’ accomplishment and to deliver back to the open source communal,” said Catherine Stewart, VP of Business Wrangling at Automatic. “Currently with Bluehost joining with Google Domains, we hope to welcome WordPress users to the internet and to continue to aid more small businesses to get online.”

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Bluehost Teams with Google Domains to Help Small Businesses Get Online with WordPress
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