Tuesday , March 26 2019

BJP, Congress blame each other for killing of Gauri Lankesh


NEW DELHI: Convicting “mala fide remarks” on the “regrettable and unfortunate killing” of Gauri Lankesh for the 2nd day in a row, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union minister on Friday probed the Congress government in Karnataka on its let down to deliver security to the journalist-activist who functioned for the surrender of Maoists.

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Presenting copies of news reports of Lankesh’s brother, Indrajit Lankesh, demanding that she had functioned for the surrender of Naxalites, Prasad inquired why the Siddaramaiah government had not given her sufficient security.

“Indrajit Lankesh is on the list having said openly that his sister was working vigorously to make sure the surrender of Naxalites… so was she doing it with accord and approval of the state government… and if so why she was not delivered sufficient security?” Prasad probed at a press conference here.

It also been stated that Naxalites were hopeless with Lankesh for this. “Why was there such a safety failure by the Congress government in Karnataka?” he stated. Mentioning to Congress V-P Rahul Gandhi’s remarks in the result of Lankesh’s killing in Bengaluru, Prasad inquired why he had not interrogated his party’s government in the state. Rahul Gandhi has previously blamed RSS-affiliated crowds for killing the journalist, Prasad stated. How then, could a reasonable probe be predictable from the Congress government in Karnataka, he stated. Emphasizing that BJP respects everybody’s right to express feelings and sense of disgust, Prasad slammed out against “so called liberals of dual standards” who endure silently on the murder of RSS workers in Kerala and Karnataka. “Why is that, all my all generous friends who speak so expressively and strongly contrary to the killing of a reporter… maintain visible silence when so several RSS and BJP workers were slayed in Karnataka and Kerala,” he said.

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