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Bhuma Nagi Reddy’s legacy capitalise Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy

Bhuma Nagi Reddy’s legacy capitalise Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy

Telugu Desam faces first test since the sudden demise of Bhuma Nagi Reddy.

Since the sudden demise of Bhuma Nagi Reddy, the district administration has made necessary arrangements for the smooth conduct of the local authority’s constituency MLC election at 3 polling stations to be held on March 17 in the Kurnool, this would be the first test for Telugu Desam since the sudden demise of Bhuma Nagi Reddy.

Here TD candidate Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy has emerged unchallenged within the party with there being no one to check. Here, even Bhuma supporters are rallying behind him. Jagan YSRC candidate Gowru Venkat Reddy is banking on cross votes as per the report.

As per the district collector Ch. Vijaya Mohan 1084 legislatures of local bodies will exercise their franchise in the voting, and one polling centre has been allotted in each of the three revenue divisions like Kurnool, Adoni and Nandyal. Here, all precautionary measures have been taken as per the guidelines of the Election Directive.

Andhra Pradesh News reports

Here, superintendent of Police Ravi Krishna said that as many as 1400 police personnel including two additional SPs and 6 DSPs besides six special party force and eight platoons will be deployed for the voting. Total number of electorate and 53 are ZPTC members 804 MPTCs and 227 municipal councilors as report say’s. Telugu Desam has a strength of 500 members and YSRC has 475 and Congress has 40 members, the remaining 69 elected representatives belong to other parties including independent applicants.

YSRC chief Gowru Venkat Reddy and MLC candidate said that police are foisting cases on opposition party candidates and immobilizing them, the campaign for local authorities constituency elections has come to an end on Wednesday evening and he said vehicles belonging to YSRC are being checked and immobilised under the pretext of transporting cash.

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