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Bengaluru Man murders children to get back at his wife

Their mother, Jyothi, found her two sons, Shiva Shankar (5) and Aditya (4), dead in her husband’s house.


A 30-year-old man killed his two sons, aged 5 and 4, to avenge his wife over a marital dispute

Bengaluru: A 30-year-old man killed his two sons, aged 5 and 4, to avenge his wife over a marital dispute, in the Bheereshwaranagar under Subramanyapura police limits on Wednesday.

Their mother, Jyothi, found her two sons, Shiva Shankar (5) & Aditya (4), dead in her husband’s house. While Shiva appeared to have been beaten with a blunt object on his head, Aditya has been stifled to death, the police said. Father of the children, Sathish Kumar, has gone missing, the police said.

Sathish and Jyothi fell in love and have got married around six years ago. They settled down in the city about five years ago. Sathish, is the plumber, is from Humnabad in Bidar, while Jyothi hails from Kanakapura and works as a maid in the neighborhood.

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Sathish, an alcoholic, quarreled often with his wife over trivial issues. On Tuesday evening, the couple fought over some issue and Jyothi has left for her mother’s house, which is nearby, along with her two sons. On Wednesday morning, Jyothi’s sister Meena, who too lives with their mother, dropped off two boys at a creche nearby as was their routine, the police said.

Around 8.45 am, Sathish has gone to the creche and took off his sons to his house on the Burial Ground Road in Bheereshwaranagar. There, he killed them and fled the spot.

Meena, who got to know from the nursery that the Sathish had taken the two boys home, informed Jyothi, who rushed to her husband’s house after her work around 1 pm and finally found her sons’ bodies. She immediately rushed them to the nearby hospital with the help of her sister and neighbors but both were declared dead.

The distressed mother was inconsolable near the hospital. A senior police officer said, “The murders could have taken place anytime between the 8.45 am and 1 pm. It looks like the husband committed the crime to revenge his wife over a domestic row that was accumulating over the period of time with the two sons bearing the brunt.”

Dog squad and the forensic science teams collected evidence from the spot.The bodies of the children were then shifted to KIMS Hospital for a postmortem. Subramanyapura police have registered a case of murders and are on the search for Sathish.

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