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Behind the screen with Trisha!

In a freewheeling chat, Trisha opens up to DC about her part in Kodi, her stand in the industry and more.


Having constant for 13 years in the industry Trisha is unfazed by her colleagues. After losing several chances to act with Dhanush, Trisha has lastly been cast opposite him in Kodi, a political thriller, where she portrays a wily candidate. Here is an excerpt from an special tête-a-tête with DC.

Diwali, to me, is.. about Indian wears, sweets at home and holding up on all the new releases. On her role in Kodi, she speaks, “It’s totally opposite to what I did in VTV. My character in Kodi is as main as that of Dhanush’s. When I heard the script, I was wondering if publics would accept me in a negative role. It is somewhat I have never attempted so far. I play Rudra, a country girl, who is politically inclined and really ambitious.

On accepting the role, she quips, “Primarily, I thought it would be a kind of run-of-the-mill story. There’s a cute love and enemity between us.” Talking about Dhanush theft the show each time, she utters, “This happens by any great actor on the sets. I faced a related situation with Manorama aachi in Saamy and Prakash Raj sir. They come informally and they steal the act. Dhanush is a brilliant actor and an unselfish actor. He insists the other performers in the frame are equally good. For him, the film and the product are main.”

Justifying not dubbing for her acts, she states, “Rudra is very rural — she is born and raised in Tamil — which is very political and inborn. I didn’t think I could convey it off. I did dub for six of my movies but those were created on the characters I played.” The Thoongavanam performer says that she has no doubts on missing chances — “It’s okay. I was meant to do Aadukalam with Dhanush, which pass on to win several nationwide awards. In fact, we shot for a few days as well. There’s a time for entirety. I’ve no doubts.”

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Trisha looks to be least scared by the presence of another actress – Anupama Parameswaran — in Kodi. “I am very selfish as an performer, selfish as a being. I am only nervous about myself. I don’t know if that is good or bad. Being in the industry, it has worked fine for me. This is not my first multi-starrer, I have done numerous in the past. In Kodi, I know my character will view out.”

So, what is her agenda currently? — “If I like the script, I will go on board,” she declares. “Otherwise, I am all right to sit at home for three to six months and be glad with that space. I feel very blessed that for the previous six months, people are coming to me with scripts written for me, in different types. That makes me special,” she adds.

Are you politically inclined? — “No! Not now. Fifteen years back, I had whispered I won’t join films. Today I am here (laughs).” Trisha is clear about what she desires. “I am not in a relationship with any person. I am only and peaceful after a long time (laughs). But I am open to love and I trust that I will only marry when I fall in love. Let’s see!”

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