Tuesday , March 26 2019

Beauty at your Doorstep

Feeling sluggish to move out to the spa this raining season? No worry! You can now ask professionals to come to your home to satisfy to all your beauty needs.


Beauty treatments from the ease of your home have realized a rush in services in the town. Owed to monsoons and the messy city traffic, several people are currently opting to stay home and try these beauty usages. No miracle that that there has been a strange spear in service orders this period.

This has also ran to spike in startup companies and dotcoms such as House joy, Urban Clap, The Bangalore Mobile Spa,  Stay Glad, Vyomo, The Happy Feet, The Home Salon and others that are all prepared to offer you the cosseting you need.

Monsoons usually, see a diverse mix of services than summer seasons or winters — all that moisture in the air is very destructive to the client’s hair and even skin.

More prominently, stepping out into flood or worse, monsoon warmth, directly after a treatment abolishes the consequence of the service! Saran Chatterjee, the CEO of House joy says, “There is a vast demand for household beauty treatments throughout the monsoon season. This visibly shows how females have adopted the concept of at-home beauty services. A crew of beauty experts goes in a cab to the customer’s place for any type of beauty action.

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Detan wax or Liposoluble wax that leads to a whole removal of hair and fur is ahead of popularity.” The head of The Bangalore Mobile Spa, Rubina Guleria says, “Monsoon special menu includes a coffee and orange scrub, with a profound tissue massage. Persons also rejoice couples anniversaries and get organized with friends at household by taking these beauty sittings. Ever since we get our personal beds it’s very suitable for everybody to take complete service suites.” The beauty facilities that are on the upsurge during the monsoons are facials and hair spas, ever since there are oil sums due to the upsurge in humidity. Washing out pores and conditioning your scalp goes a long way in will aid you by giving a shining and well-groomed appearance.

Shalini Chopra of Natures agrees saying, “Why going to salon when the salon is coming to you? I’m completely in favor of calling in analysts home for beauty treatments as it has numerous profits like no waiting time, it saves your money and even time and I can work on my phone or laptop while getting cossetted with a pedicure, manicure or body polish and strategy by day well.”

Several women balance their chaotic lifestyles, home, workplace, kids and social life, and a home-based treatment can be a large time savior when you need that relaxation. Ankasha Tejam, the director and cofounder of Medfone says, “For working specialists like me, grooming has continuously been very significant. I’m contented that now I can click on these apps to acquire waxing, facial, threading, hair spa or even a body massage needs from home.” Household services are obviously on the rise in the professional of beauty.


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