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Be ready for polls at all times: PM Narendra Modi to Gujarat, Rajasthan MPs

BJP chief Amit Shah too addressed the MPs along with Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi hosted MPs from Gujarat and Rajasthan to breakfast on Friday and discussed arrangements for elections in the 2 states, a day after he had hosted MPs from Uttar Pradesh and discussed the functioning of the party’s new government in UP. MPs from Goa, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and Daman & Diu too were invited to Friday’s breakfast. Narendra Modi apparently urged the MPs to be prepared for election at all times. An MP who attended the meeting stated they were expressed to be “in election mode” all the time and endlessly work on schemes announced by the state govt as well as the Centre.

BJP chief Amit Shah too addressed the MPs. Senior Leaders L K Advani and Ananth Kumar, parliamentary affairs minister were also present in the meeting. Sources stated Narendra Modi wants such breakfasts to be interactive sessions. Previous, senior ministers had been given the accountabilities of meeting with MPs from several states and Narendra Modi too had attended most of those meetings, in which the MPs would generally discuss issues they faced in their constituencies.

On Friday, the PM Narendra Modi reportedly enquired MPs how various schemes were getting implemented in their respective states. Most of the MPs, one of them stated, reported only positives. The PM Narendra Modi then suggested they could talk of shortcomings too, the MP stated. Members of both Lok Sabha & Raja Shaba from these states were repeatedly reminded that they should work hard at guaranteeing that central government schemes for the poor, weaker sections and farmers are implemented effectively at the ground, sources stated.

One MP stated that the PM, while telling them it is time to get ready for elections in BJP-ruled Gujarat and Rajasthan, added that in fact all of them should always be in election mode. Gujarat state election will be held in this year and Rajasthan state election will be in the next year. The BJP, which has been in power in Gujarat for 19 years now, holds 123 of the state’s 182 seats and has publicized a “Mission 150” for this year. The BJP future issued a statement saying that the PM Narendra Modi has requested party MPs to use digital platforms for transactions and to connect with the people through social media.

During the meeting, Amit Shah reportedly spoke to the MPs about the Centre’s verdict to set up a National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (NCSEBC), a legal body. BJP MPs stated the party chief described it as a landmark decision and stated the commission will work efficiently for substantial improvement in the lives of people of the backward classes.

MPs stated they were served Gujarati dishes and fruits for breakfast at the PM’s 7 Jan Kalyan Marg residence. Narendra Modi is expected to host a breakfast meeting with MPs from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh on Monday. In the meantime, senior BJP leaders held a meeting on Friday to discuss the rollout of party programmes during April 6-14, with MPs and MLAs planning to reach out to people at ground level. Party general secretaries Kailash Vijayvargiya, Bhupendra Yadav and Anil Jain and parliamentary secretary Balasubramaniam Kamarasu were part of the meeting held in Parliament House.

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