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BCCI panel to Lodha: Should we ask Britain to pay their bills?

In a letter to the panel of Lodha, the BCCI has also sought advice on how to pay the players and officials participating in the Ranji Trophy now.

BCCI, while claiming instructions on signing a memorandum of understanding with the Commission of Cricket in England and Wales (ECB), asked the committee if the Board of Directors of the house was inform the team of England Pied their stay and travel bills during the upcoming tour of India.

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Anurag Thakur led BCCI have been asked not to release funds to state associations until compliance with Lodha panel reforms.

“What happens in a MoU is that we sign an agreement that we will pay for the English cricket team,” a senior BCCI, who would not be named, told The Indian Express.
“We will pay for their hotel stay, travel and other things, because it is a bilateral series. When we travel to England to play any bilateral series, they pay us for. We need clarity on these issues too, if we can pay or not? Or will we say to the England team to pay for their stay and travel?

In a letter to the panel of Lodha, BCCI also asked for advice, including how to pay the players and officials currently participating in the famous Ranji Trophy and other tournaments tournaments and make arrangements for their travel and their accommodation A Supreme Court ordered the board not to release the funds to organizations that have not implemented the recommendations.
Many associations, such as Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and Goa, asked the council to release them money so they can carry various tournaments in their area.
“If funds are not provided, so cricket in many areas will be grounded. The associations provide allowances to the teams that play on their land. As the Ranji Trophy is held in neutral rooms this year, associations should bear the expenses of both teams. There are various expenses related referees, officials match, team bus, air travel and stay of teams in hotels. We need the order of the committee now, how are we going how to address these issues.

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“We have also asked the committee if they can name the suppliers for the IPL season 2017. There are more than 100 appointments to make every year and as we are bound by the order of the committee, we can not name them” the official added.

MCA SGM November 7
The Association of Cricket Mumbai (MCA) convened its special general meeting on 7 November to discuss the recommendations of the Committee Lodha. An agenda for the same has been distributed to all members of the ACM.
It reads: “To consider the amendment to the Regulations and Statutes of the Cricket Association of Bombay based on the recommendation of Judge R. M. Lodha (Retd).”
On 24 July President of the MCA, Sharad Pawar, said the MCA would accept the recommendations of the Committee Lodha, but then made a turn after the BCCI’s decision not to accept many of the suggestions.
“We discussed the recommendations of Lodha Committee and the Supreme Court and unanimously approved all the recommendations of the Supreme Court. Now we will redraw the constitution first, get the project approved by the Management Committee before calling a special general meeting for the amended constitution adopted. We have six months, “said the veteran politician a few months ago.


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