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Bahubali-2 to bring Technology Advancement in Indian film

Bahubali-2 to bring Technology Advancement in Indian film technology

Bahubali-2 is bringing 4K technology to Indian film

The most awaited movie of the year Bahubali-2 is bringing 4K technology to Indian film. Indian directors are the wonders of the world in adopting the technology. In this case directors like Shankar and Rajamouli stands first in adapting the technology. Now, the cinema theatres in the state are converting to 4K for the release of ‘Baahubali-2’ which is going to release on April 28th. Shankar in his upcoming movie Robort 2.0 the sequel for Robot which is released in 2010 is shooting completely in 3D. Also making the arrangements for the release of the film Robot 2.0 3D in majority of the theaters. According to the technology that has been changing in the Indian Film the theater owners also interest in adapting the technology that the directors are trying to entertain the common audience. The film makers are trying to release the film in Diwali.

Asian Cinemas and IMAX in the state are believed to have agreed to switch over to 4K projectors in their theaters. Director and founder of Indywood Film Carnival Sohan Roy said that Legends of Telugu Film industry has agreed to the changes needed in technology and have decided to convert to 4K.

According to Sohan Roy, Previous part of the film ‘Baahubali-1’ was screened on 4K screen in Trivananthapuram in Kerala and had collected Rs. 3.50 crore revenue in a single theatre.

The source said that each theater has been spending Rs.50,000 per seat for conversion of the ordinary screens and projectors to 4K.  The conversion of the theaters from ordinary to projector along with sound system has already finished.

The approximate cost of the change of technology to 4K will be costing Rs.1 crore. Theaters need not buy 4K projectors. “Some companies have been offering 4K projectors on rental basis. Theatres can rent them,” Roy added.

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Bahubali-2 to bring Technology Advancement in Indian film
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