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Baahubali United the Nation’s VFX Industry

VFX Supervisor of Baahubali 2, Rc. Kamalakannan speaks about the movie, and the challenges it posed for his crew.


Kamalakannan is perhaps the most significant being in crew Baahubali for one of the numerous reasons — cheers to him, the movie’s unit dumped a big sigh of relief ten days before the movie release, as he draped up the picture’s VFX. “This was one of the utmost difficult movies I have toiled on, be it in terms of intricacy. I was doubtful about doing it on time. But now we have got inhalation space and ease for corrections too! I can’t be more delighted,” he speaks.

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For almost 18 months his crew and he have been working alongside the clock to make sure the movie is delivered on time as for Baahubali, VFX is the best critical element. “Above 35 studios and some thousands of VFX artists together with a crew of freelancers from India and all around the world were hired. For the first movie, there were about seven or eight VFX sections but this movie had closely 29. That was tripartite the quantity but it had to be accomplished in half the time set to the first movie. It was not an easy task,” he says us, saying, “But the movie’s name aided a lot. I had loomed the nation’s foremost VFX studio to work on a part for which no one was capable of getting it correct, and in spite of being busy with Hollywood ventures, they keenly seized up our work. In that way, Baahubali had brought together the VFX trade in India as almost every single studio through the nation was working on it! I don’t know if I can accomplish something like this again.”

Fascinatingly, he had teamed up with film maker’s S.S. Rajamouli for the movie Magadheera and Eega but couldn’t toil on Baahubali: The Beginning as he was working on another movie at that time. “When you travel with somebody for so long and all of a sudden miss a chance to go ahead with them, it is a kind of strange feeling. When I have seen the film, the feeling of having missed out showed high on me. But things had worked out in such a way that I got to employ on the sequel,” shares Kamalakannan, saying that he is now intense to see the movie in one piece, as he had seen it in parts.

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