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Baahubali Actor Sathyaraj Apologises to Kannadigas

Baahubali Actor Sathyaraj Apologises to Kannadigas

Baahubali Actor Sathyaraj Apologises, As Pro-Kannada Activists Demanded

Sathyaraj, Baahubali actor has apologized for comments that he made on the Cauvery river row several years ago, for which the pro-Kannada organizations have called up for a ban on the film in Karnataka. “I’m not against the people of Karnataka. I’m sorry if the words of mine hurt you. I’m a small actor in Baahubali, my words should not affect the film,” Sathyaraj said on Friday in Chennai. The artist plays the crucial role of Katappa in the universe of Baahubali, the one who killed the central character in the first part of the film, Baahubali: The Beginning, ending it with the cliffhanger of cliffhangers. The second part, Baahubali: The Conclusion is scheduled to play in the theaters next week which is expected to reveal the question of why Katappa killed Baahubali, the lead role played by actor Prabhas.

The Pro-Kannada organizations threatened to prevent the film, easily one of this year’s biggest releases in Karnataka. The criticism on the film has widespread by the protests on the comments that were made almost a decade ago. One of the voices against Sathyaraj told on Thursday said that the protests would continue unless the actor apologized and even they called for a bandh in Bengaluru on the day Baahubali: The Conclusion is to release. Vatal Nagaraj, president of Kannada Chalavali Vatal, told PTI that they are not against the film or Rajamouli. All they need is apology from Sathyaraj if he doesn’t apology their protest will continue they said. There will be a Bengaluru bandh on the release of film on April 28 and also there will be protests across the state. As the media asked why Sathyaraj’s previous films had not been opposed in Karnataka for that he said that they were waiting for the “right time” to protest.

In Tamil Nadu Cauvery is an emotional issue where Farmers and politicians allege that despite a clear decision by the Cauvery tribunal on sharing of water at the time of scarcity. Karnataka does not often share the available waters for irrigation purpose with Tamil Nadu citing drinking water requirements for people in the state.

Baahubali’s director SS Rajamouli has tweeted a video message entreating protesters to allow the film to release unopposed. He said in the video that Sathyaraj is not the producer or director of the film. He is only one of the artist in the film as other actors worked in the film. If this movie doesn’t release as planned in Karnataka, he has anything to lose and also said it is unfair to target the film because of some comments he had made.

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