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Baahubali 2 doesn’t impress in MAMI

Baahubali team neglects the mass media at home; badly seeks responsiveness in Mumbai.


The Baahubali crew that embraces director S.S. Rajamouli and leading actor Prabhas, was grasped promoting the movie in Mumbai mostly to woo the Hindi viewers. Yet it’s a Telugu movie dubbed in Hindi, the filmmakers apparently projected it as a Hindi movie at the newly concluded MAMI Mumbai film festival.

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The PR executives were working all out to confirm the Baahubali crew gets suitable mileage in the newspapers in Mumbai and other portions of India.

The PR team reportedly told “Prabhas, the leading actor, is all set for an interview… so is Tamannaah…” Back home, these very individuals fictitious to be least attentive in media exposure.

Says a representative “The crew had glorified up the film on social media, focusing on the new expertise. This build up was mostly done to spark curiosity amongst the viewers for the movie’s first look at MAMI. Though, when they unrestricted the look, much of the spectators and media was upset.”

“Aamir Khan’s Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander was also screened, and the complete team, together with Aamir was present. The film hall was crowded, and those who couldn’t mark it there, curved to Baahubali 2 meeting,” says the representative.

Term has it that the organizers of the festival first announced the Baahubali group and there was not anything motivating in their discussion. “Even for the new-fangled technology named Virtual Reality (VR), the retort was limited,” added the representative.

For the Q&A meeting, numerous individuals who ran channels on YouTube listed their names with the group.

“Tamannaah and Prabhas were giving nibbles to even those who had small websites. It was astounding to watch the crew ever-so-willing to speak to them, while here, when the Telugu media loomed them, they barely showed any attention,” said the representative.

The motive for this attitude appears to be that they consider the Telugu media in Hyderabad parts up anything that is being displayed online.

“Whatever thing that’s posted, develops news, so why trouble with interviews et al,” said a representative in the know.

Though, film producer Shobhu Yarlagadda’s retort on the first look of the movie, was as predictable. “Exceptional response for the first look,” he states.

When questioned whether it’s factual that Karan Johar has chosen out of being convoluted with Baahubali 2, the producer declined to comment.


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Baahubali 2 doesn’t impress in MAMI
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