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Avril Lavigne Defends Nickelback After Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Comment

While you mess with Nickel back, you also may be missing using Avril Lavigne. Earlier this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg debuted Jarvis was also known as a “digital butler” for any Smart Home.

But then in a video demonstration of the generation, the mark made a pretty much a band answerable for hit musical compositions like “the way you strike a chord with me” and “photo.”

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“Universal overall performance us a few agreeable Nickel again musical compositions,” Mark Zuckerberg requested Jarvis.

The contrivance replied, “I am sorry mark Zuckerberg, I’m anxious I can’t do that…there are not any specific nickel returned musical compositions.

Mark Zuckerberg paused after answering: “top. That grows to authentically take an optical canvassing of.”

As in keeping with it seems, Avril auricular disunited approximately the jape and wasn’t precisely laughing. As consistent with a terminus result, she took to twitter Thursday night to forfend the band that incorporates this female ex-chad, Kroger.

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“Dear Mark Zuckerberg, many people usage your products—some people love them and some people don’t. Either manner, you’re expert your musical opinion but, your jab at nickel lower back is in poor flavor,” she is connected on social media. “If you have a voice like yours, you could adscititiously need to do not forget to be more accountable for promoting intimidation, mainly given what’s taking region the area nowadays.

50Million Albums”  ” She additional, “say no to bullying the jest is antique nickel again has bought over

Mark has but to reply to Avril twitter message—but we are maintaining our visual perceivers out on FB.

Avril has become espoused to nickel lower back’s lead singer for 2 years until they announced their separation in September 2015.The pair has continued friendly with each other.

And for those wondering what Nickel back has been up to recently, the band continues to perform across the country while working on the fresh tune for 2017.

Facebook observe in advance this month from the studio. “Time to visit artwork on Daniel Adair. Nb2017.”

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Avril Lavigne Defends Nickelback After Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Comment
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