Monday , February 20 2017


Samsung Group Chief Jay Y. Lee Arrested In Corruption Probe

samsung group chief jay y lee arrested in corruption probe

Samsung group leader Jay Y. Lee was arrested Friday for his role in a corruption scandal that rocked the highest levels in South Korea and hit the world’s largest smartphone and memory chips maker. Samsung Leader Lee, a 48-year-old descendant of the country’s richest family, was detained at the Seoul ...

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Trump Pulls Back From Two-State Plan

trump pulls back from two-state plan

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump said Wednesday he supported the idea of ​​a sovereign Palestinian state alongside Israel, which could signal the death of a fundamental strategy of peace negotiations in the Middle East. To a new agreement. Trump seems to open negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ...

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Police Investigates Death of North Korean Leader’s Brother

North Korean Leader's Brother Kim Jong-nam Killed at Malaysia Airport

North Korean Leader’s Brother Kim Jong–nam Killed at Malaysia Airport. Kuala Lumpur: The police checked the surveillance tapes Wednesday to find clues about who could have murdered the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at a Kuala Lumpur airport, a senior official said. An autopsy will also be carried ...

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Canadian PM Talks Trade With Trump at White House

canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump resolutely felt their similarities at their first meeting on Monday, although obvious differences were hidden behind their public smiles. After Canadian PM and President Trump meeting at the White House, North American neighbors emerged to greet their close ties, Trump promising ...

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Oroville Dam Thousands Told To Leave Their Homes Near Huge

Oroville california dam

Oroville, California: Thousands of northern Californians were asked to leave their homes on Sunday night as an emergency weir in the country’s tallest dam risked failing and triggering uncontrolled flooding on the cities below. The emergency weir at the Oroville Dam in northern California could fail within an hour of ...

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Earthquake In Philippines Kills At Least 15 Injures 90

earthquake in philippine

The earthquake last Friday, with a magnitude of 6.5 people awakened sleeping residents in the province of Surigao del Norte, sending hundreds of flee their homes. A powerful earthquake in the south of the Philippines killed at least 15 people, wounded about 90 others, damaged buildings and an airport and ...

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Russian Bombing in Syria Mistakenly Kills Three Turkish Soldiers

russian bombing in syria

Russian air strikes coincidentally killed three Turkish soldiers during an operation against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, the Turkish military said, highlighting the risk of involuntary clashes between the many outside powers in a war complex. “In an operation carried out by a Russian Federation warplane against targets of ...

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US Senate Confirms Jeff Sessions For Attorney General

US Senate

WASHINGTON – A bitterly divided US Senate on Wednesday confirmed Republican Senator Jeff Sessions as the next US attorney general after a strong push by Democrats concerned about his civil rights record. Sessions, aged 70, who served for two decades in the US Senate of Alabama, was confirmed by a ...

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United States Should ‘Brush Up On’ South China Sea

united states

BEIJING – The United States must revamp its history on the South China Sea because the World War II agreements stipulate that all Chinese territories taken by Japan must be returned to China, said Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs. China has been shocked by previous comments from the new ...

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Gun Salute Marks Queen Elizabeth’s 65 years on British Throne

elizabeth the queen

Queen Elizabeth, the world’s oldest living monarch, celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee on Monday, while Britain commemorated 65 years of her accession to the British throne. The 90-year-old monarch, who became the longest British sovereign in 2015, did not publicly mark the occasion herself, but a royal salute of 41 guns ...

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