Wednesday , January 23 2019

As water level swells, Srisailam dam floodgates opened today

The Srisailam project authorities in Andhra Pradesh have opened the floodgates to let out about 1 lakh cusecs of water to Nagarjunasagar Dam.


Hyderabad: With Srisailam dam level moving close to its gross storage capacity, the project consultants in Andhra Pradesh have unlocked the floodgates on this Thursday to let out about one lakh cusecs of water to Nagarjunasagar Dam.

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Telangana State (TS) and Andhra Pradesh State have been releasing water downstream over the power generating stations.

On this Wednesday night, water put up at 884.40 feet at Srisailam, contrary to the full reservoir level of 885 feet. Inflows into the dam endure being high, at around 1.51 lakh cusecs.

The Srisailam barrier chief engineer C Narayana Reddy on this Wednesday stated that the floodgates will be opened amid 6 am and 7 am. The Krishna River Management Board also has advised that the water level is restricted to 883 feet.

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