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Arvind Swamy talks about his latest film Dhruva

Arvind Swamy reprises the role of Siddharth Abhimayu in his latest release Dhruva movie the remake of Tamil superhit movie Thani Oruvan.


Arvind Swamy might have been a heartthrob for ‘90s with his lover boy appearance and kind smile. Then who discerned then that about 20 years down the line, it would be that smile he’d make to show sinfulness? As seen in his newest release Dhruva the remake of Tamil superhot movie Thani Oruvan, in which he recaps his own character of Siddharth Abhimayu, he has made the enemy feel cooler than ever.

Arvind says “There were numerous notions that I would not be capable to pull off a negative role since of this soft façade I have. When I thought of doing this character, the first thought in the brains of many was that I would have personalities of negative roles in general. But I did the whole thing opposite. I was good and that made my badness more distinct. Though I am the rival, I never want the clichéd characters of such roles. So I was strong that I wouldn’t drink, smoke, or be angry all the time. The main aim at the conclusion of the movie was to make at least one third of the viewers to feel bad for me! And I consider we accomplished it.”

Was he anxious when he certain to be a part of the Telugu remake? “Well, I supposed it might not be remarkable to play the similar role again since there was not anything new to do. Though, I got a chance to be a part of the inventive process, and I was vigorously tangled in the thoughts, and that made it value the while. Perhaps I am a little selfish about the role, and that’s why I didn’t say no,” he clarifies.

The hero who is busy with a couple of movies in Tamil, shares that he’s fixed to venture into direction rapidly. “I actually enjoy the innovative process. I have written two stories and will proclaim it by the end of 2017. I envisage when somebody narrates a story and each idea that comes to my notice I try and look for methods to make it motivating,” he says with a giggle.

Arvind is identified to be shy and it wasn’t simple for him to handle the eminence he got at a very small age. Has he grown better at handling reputation now? “Yes! A lot better. At that time I wasn’t set. Now I have cultured to go along.”


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