Tuesday , March 26 2019

Arjun Rampal: My daughter thinks ‘Kahaani 2’ is supernatural film

Arjun Rampal has not had several releases lately and is happy about his future film Rock On 2.


Arjun Rampal is a happy man. He has 3 releases coming up and his mom is enduring breast cancer. “She is recovering at a fast pace. She is a strong lady and the energetic force of our family. Though, she has come to terms with the illness and discerns that this is the approach she will requisite to live on, thankfully. That’s significant for us.”

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As an individual, Arjun is strong headed and certainly not gets discouraged by anything —  be it the box office or any argument in the mass media. “When my mother reads about them, she inquires me, ‘why do they have to fib?’” he giggles.

Arjun has not had numerous releases recently and is happy about his future movie Rock On 2. “Ever since I was related with Rock On, doing this movie feels great. My daughters are intense that I should be doing more movies. They have viewed the clip of Rock On 2 and Kahaani 2 and have enjoyed the former, though, they did not comprehend Kahaani… My elder daughter Maahika feels it’s a mystic movie. Sometime, I will do a mystic film for them,” speaks Arjun who feels Maahika has the performing bug and might take it up as a job. “We will be there for our children and care them in whatsoever they would like to follow,” says Arjun.

Memoirs of his childhood at Deolali are beloved to him. “We adored outdoors — rising the mountains, swimming, fishing and horse-riding. We even viewed movies in open theatres. It was astounding. I recall after watching, Betaab, I was damn inclined by the flick,” says Arjun.

Talking of invention and imagination, Arjun evokes narrating bedtime stories to his children. “At some instances, they could sense what I was describing. Like when I would express them we are paddling in a boat, currently there are solid waves in the marine and there is a giant shark around us, all of them would stick to me, holding me fitted thinking that they may be injured by the fish or be sunk. It was amusing and all this is lost in this fast- paced lifetime. We all are hastening contrary to time. The plus point about today’s group is – they are far more self-assured than us. And don’t distress anything,” he completes.

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