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Arjun Rampal: Kahaani 2 was worth it

Arjun Rampal says that he isn’t scared by the presence of Vidya Balan in the movie.


Arjun Rampal, who had turned 44 previous week, is a concerned man. After his previous movie Rock On 2 facing demonetisation distresses, he’s nervous about his next movie release. “Kahaani 2 is also certain to face the effect of demonetisation,” he speaks.

Sujoy Ghosh and Arjun had been scheduling to work jointly for the longest time. “The two of us were thought to do a movie together, but it was a classy project. Plus no producer was eager to put in that type of money on us. So, we hang on for the exact time to work together. Once Sujoy comes near Arjun with a character in Kahaani 2, the hero asked him to send the story over. “I never wanted Sujoy to come and narrate the story individually, since if he did, I wouldn’t be capable of saying no to him. Then he insisted on coming house. He was at my door in 5 minutes. After he told me the script, I hugged him and told I will do it. It was one of the finest scripts I heard,” clarifies Arjun.

The hero says that he isn’t frightened by the presence of Vidya Balan in the movie. “I never think of Kahaani 2 as her movie or anybody’s film. I loved my character and the approach it takes the story forward. Sujoy is a crazy director.” he smiles.

Remarkably, Arjun was shooting for a totally antithetical movie when he decided to Kahaani 2. “I was in the middle of my own production, Daddy, where I play Arun Gawli when I have presented the flick. In that, I perform a gangster, and here I play the role of police. Usually, I wouldn’t have known such adversative roles. Moreover, I don’t do two movies at the similar time. Then I really wanted to do Kahaani 2. So, I had taken 30 days off from shooting for Daddy movie and trust me, it was certainly worth it. In one year, I got a chance to do 3 characters as stimulating and varied as Rock On 2, Kahaani 2 and Daddy.”

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