Tuesday , March 26 2019

Are Indian celebrities too shy to dye?

Indian celebrities are not relatively at comfort with sporting irrational hair colors.


Messi’s innovative ‘Platinum Blonde’ hair appearance took the web by storm newly as it got polar responses. Whereas some fans were mesmerized with the trending star, the tyrants had a sincere time letting their inventive juices flow and make several split their edges. A comparable trend setter was seen here in India when Sanjay Dutt was seen sporting a white ponytail. All this devotion makes us surprise why Indian celebrities have continuously remained very traditional when it comes to hairstyle.

Bollywood’s utmost popular style idol Ranveer Singh has tried with his characteristic moustache and even ponytail. In the cricket world, MS Dhoni, once had uncurled his long hair and had also wore a Mohawk. Aren’t Indian celebrities open to trial with hair color like Jared Leto or Malinga? Well-known Hairstylists Clint Fernandez and Sapna Bhavnani shared some gyaan. Sapna, who had the bleached look for herself, won’t look to Bollywood for style.

“Bollywood has no time for actors who select to sport wild hair colors. There is no method they can trial on their private since unlike performers in the West who do just one movie at a given period, Bollywood actors work on up to 5 films at a single time. And the movies require the hero to look a particular way all through the period of the shooting,” speaks the hairstylist, who is having celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan,  and even M.S. Dhoni as customers. “And fairly, I don’t consider any Bollywood star can even tug it off,” she says.

Clint Fernandes settles with Sapna and speaks that owing to problems with steadiness, actors don’t have the freedom to color their hair. He utters that artists would like to link with their spectators and the relevant factor will be misplaced if the star does not appear like just an improved version of everybody else. “Even in the West, I consider it is only sports stars that sport crazy hairstyle, like Dennis Rodman who had the color of orange and rainbow colored hair,” he said, adding that most of the sports characters in India cannot have enough money to do the similar thing. “It is unhappy that out of the several able sports people, only cricketers are reflected as important. Their PR directors advise them not to appear too hatke, or they will not acquire any endorsement proposals,” says Clint, who states that pale hair doesn’t outfit the Indian skin, so this tendency might not pick up pace in the nation.

For the females in the commerce too, he says the trouble is the same. “The extreme that has been ended is by Katrina Kaif when she wanted to dye her hair red color, but that too was only for a character.” Every character needs some negotiations and the cost of celebrity appears to be the desertion of individual style. But celebrities don’t appear to let it touch them as they walk the sets so stylishly, and the paparazzi can’t get adequate of them.

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