Saturday , April 20 2019

Apple, Airtel, MobiKwik, and Others Got Penalised for Misleading Ads

Apple has been alleged for screening iPhone 7 plus in an iPhone 7 advertisement in India and Airtel has been alleged for misleading clients with claims for free calls.


Apple showing up iPhone 7 Plus as iPhone 7 is amid 143 advertisements named as misleading by regulator ASCI, which also dragged up Bharti Airtel and others for such promotions.

HUL, MobiKwik, Nivea, Opera, Amul, Pernod Ricard and Standard Chartered Bank are amongst the businesses contrary to which a whole of 191 complaints was acquired by Customer Complaints Council (CCC) of the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) for the month of January.

102 complaints in healthcare group, 20 complaints in education, 7 complaints in personal care, 6 complaints in food and beverages and 8 complaints in advertisements from other kinds.

Rendering to ASCI, Apple India was found by using an erroneous image in its ad for iPhone 7.

“The ad text describes ‘The amazing iPhone 7 is here’, but displays an image of iPhone 7 plus, which is deceptive by vagueness and implication,” stated ASCI.

The sector watchdog said though the advertisement had the Apple symbol with ‘iPhone 7’ but said it didn’t have any allusion to ‘series’ in the ad text.

“In the absence of any visual of iPhone 7 type, it was clinched that the ad is probably to mislead the customers about the product promoted and its equivalent features,” it told.

Remarks from Apple could not be attained.

The regulator also sustained three complaints contrary to foremost telecom operator Bharti Airtel for “deceptive” claims for free Calls Local + STD and a free upgrading for Airtel-V Fiber.

“The advertisement claim, “Free Calls Local + STD” cannot be assumed free as the prevalent price for data without promoted incentive is less i.e. from the client’s point of view, they need to make an expense of Rs. 149 to gain this offer though they get just 300MB data vs. 500MB data,” it stated.

Yet, when contacted, Airtel had declined to remark.

Objection against Opera Software ASA claim for its mobile browser Opera Mini was also sustained where it had sued that it saves data price up to 90% while browsing. “The ad’s claim, ‘Saves data price up to 90 percent while surfing’, was not validated with subsidiary data and is misleading by embellishment,” the CCC said.

When communicated, the Opera spokesperson said: “We follow the highest ethical values and never share any overstated or misleading data with our clients. Hereafter, our claim of Opera Mini browser saving up to 90 percent data in our ad is completely true. We have verified our claims by both internal and external trials from time to time over these years.”

Digital expense firm MobiKwik also abortive to substantiate it’s suing of “India’s most safe e-wallet” for Mobikwik E-wallet and said to be “misleading by exaggeration”.

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