Saturday , February 16 2019

Anirudh Ravichander sings for Nayanthara

Anirudh Ravichander sings an electronic fast number for Dora.


Composer pair Vivek and Mervin rose to fame with their coming out album Vadacurry. Recently, their two tunes Enga Pora Dora and Vaazha Vidu Da as of Nayanthara-starrer Dora managed to get the courtesy of the music buffs. Now, the composers are busy recording the background music for the horror film, directed by Doss Ramasamy.

For the third and last song, Vivek and Mervin have bound in leading music director Anirudh Ravichander to offer his voice for a fast number. Talking to DC, Vivek says, “The number, Ra Ra Ra, is an intense motivational number that arises in a crucial point of the movie.

This tune will be playing in the background when Nayanthara’s personality decides to take revenge against the evil forces. Since it is an extreme sum, who better than Anirudh to sing for us? He is a dear contact of ours and his addictive vocal sound was just perfect for the tune.”

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Another exciting fact is that the song will also have Nayanthara mouthing main dialogues. “It is an electronic fast sum that begins with Nayan’s dialogues from the movie. We recorded her portions during the dubbing.

The song soundtrack was a quick session and the energy that Anirudh has brought on board is exceptional,” quips Vivek. The audio of Dora is all set to hit the stores soon. “We are scheduling to release the background music (five) along with the three tunes in the coming months,” concludes the music director.

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