Thursday , February 21 2019

Angelina Jolie, kids enjoy ‘tasty’ spiders, crickets and tarantulas in Cambodia

Angelina Jolie, after teaching her children how to cook spiders, then she was seen serving the baked insects to them.


Washington D.C.: Appears like Angelina Jolie and her children are satisfying their desire with something very adventurous.

Gone are the times when Jolie used to serve loafs of meat on the plate, as she is currently happy frying those ‘tasty’ spiders, crickets and even tarantulas, states

In a fresh interview with BBC, recorded in Cambodia, the 41years old beauty, other than debating about some stern issues like politics, her divorce and raising up children, spoke about the confined cuisines with the journalist, which included insects and bugs.

In a video posted on the net’s Twitter handle, the heroine was seen teaching her doubles, Vivienne and Knox, how to cook spiders.

“Get the hard part where you have the teeth? Take the fangs out,” she told.

No guest to the Cambodian microbes, Jolie said, “I first had them when I was first in nation. Crickets – you begin with crickets. Crickets and then a beer, after that you can move up to tarantulas.”

She was then perceived serving the baked insects on plates for her children and the journalist.

When the children were asked about how the bugs tasted, Knox promptly said, like “dry chips. Flavorless chips.”

Through a talk with BBC World News, Angelina Jolie unlocked up about her divorce from Brad Pitt publicly.

Rendering to, the heroine said, “I don’t want to speak much about that, but to say it was a very hard time. We are a family and we will be family always, and we will get over this time and positively be a stronger family for it.”

Jolie stated that she is presently focusing on their kids. “My emphasis is my kids, our kids, and my focus is finding out this way through. Currently, I’m going through an instant when everybody is in my room. Two dogs, two hamsters, and two children. It’s perfect,” she said, saying that in 5 years’ time she would like to be roving around the world visiting her kids.

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